2016 Home Style

2016 Home Style

by Lisa De Silva

Welcome 2016 into your home and garden with Lisa de Silva’s guide to trends, colours, lighting, plants and gardens for the year ahead. Now is the time to fall in love with your home again.

Just as fashion enjoys an ever changing range of influences creating new trends in colour and design, it’s the same for interiors. Each year designers come up with their tips for the latest trends to influence our homes. Even if you’re not planning to redecorate, a few simple accessories, or a coat of paint can do wonders for transforming your home and garden. So here’s the lowdown on what’s hot for 2016.

Robot Vacuum HooverHOMES

Connected Homes

Smart living is no longer the future, it’s a trend set to boom in 2016. Where once controlling home appliances remotely by telephone was a myth of science fiction, spin forward a few decades to the 21st century and it’s a reality which more of us are enjoying.

With numerous smart appliances out there, it’s now possible to turn on our heating, hot water and washing machines ready for our return from work. Fridges can alert us to items that need to be replenished and in some cases even set up the order for us. Hate hoovering? Just get a robot vacuum cleaner and set up a regular cleaning schedule.

The wireless trend continues to grow in strength, with the wireless charging table offering a stylish option for charging your phones and tablets.

Bold Colours

While different manufacturers all have specific and varying colours of the year, the general consensus for 2016 is the return of bold colour. Deep rich hues of gold, blue, green and burgundy are the perfect foil for silver, copper and gold accessories. After years of neutrals, these stronger shades look fresh, new and dramatic. Use a palette of lighter shades to complement them.

Artisanal Style & Accessories

Just as the fashion in food is for locally sourced artisanal products, the trend in interior design also reflects this. Unique and handcrafted designer objects are soaring in popularity, in preference to mass produced goods. Look out for tassels, basketry, crochet and folk-inspired embroidery, all of which can add texture and colour to a room.

As the 1970s is also providing designers with inspiration this year, geometric patterns on tiles and fabrics will also be popular. Also look out for retro bling in accessories, fixtures and fittings with brass, gold, copper and metallic finishes, while natural materials like cork, raw concrete, stone and wood offer a more timeless appeal.

The trend for taxidermy, stuffed animals and skins shows no signs of abating and can all be used as a focal point in any room. What’s more, as our world becomes more digital, our desire to see words and print has led to the popularity of letters. Giant alphabet letters, some with bulb lighting can now be easily found and make attractive accessories and wall decor.

Kitchen Scales Plant Life

With a new found respect for nature, expect to see more interior plant life. This could be in the form of potted herbs in the kitchen or small accessories, but houseplants are back and are a great way to inject some life into once sterile areas. Indulging in some lush indoor vegetation also has a calming influence and offers a healthy and environmentally friendly way to ventilate your home.

LED Lighting

Sustainable and stylish, with a long lifespan, LED lighting can save up to 90% of energy and is a fantastic option for illuminating your home. LEDs come in every lighting form imaginable, including strip and line lighting. The bulbs can change colour and intensity in response to different times of day, differences in temperature and even differences in mood. So whether you want to create a hypermodern starkly lit futuristic vibe, or a warm, cosy intimate atmosphere, LED lighting can deliver.

Wicker Garden SeatsGARDENS

Plants With A Purpose

While we all want our plants to be beautiful, there is a growing trend for choosing plants for function as well as beauty. As the garden-to-table movement increases in popularity, more space will be given to edible plants, as grow your own beds and edible landscaping increase in importance. So, whether it’s hops for home brewing, or kale for smoothies, fruit and vegetable gardens are a growing trend.

Sustainability issues are also a consideration and pollinator gardens, perennials, shrubs and small trees will be the order of the day, as we plant to support our local ecosystems and wildlife. What’s more, as we become ever more conscious of the planet’s resources, drought tolerant plants will also be popular among water wise gardeners

Garden Style

The trend for geometric shapes will also leave an imprint on our gardens, with outdoor furniture, containers and terrariums all taking on angular dimensions. There will also be more investment in furniture that can be used both inside and outside and garden gear will get the glam treatment with utensils available in hues of copper and gold.

Garden rooms and offices will continue to increase in popularity as we seek to make the most of our plots, avoiding the need to extend or move home. This sector has seen some real innovation in design and whether your style is highly contemporary or more Boho, there will be something to satisfy most tastes.

Garden Technology

As with interiors, gardens will also benefit from technological advances. LED lighting combined with music speakers can be used to add drama and movement to your garden, with a form of ‘lightgrafitti’ creating striking and constantly changing displays. Technology can also be used to remotely operate watering systems and water features, giving you complete control even while you are away.