A Passion For Pets

A Passion For Pets

by Ruth Lawrence

Henley House owner Chris Hall has spent his career devoted to animals. Ruth Lawrence went along to meet him and found out more about the latest technology installed in his surgery

Within moments of meeting Chris Hall, the owner of Henley House Veterinary Clinic in Uckfield, it became clear that he is utterly committed to the wellbeing of the animals in his care. Single-handedly, he has grown the practice from scratch over 12 years, working every weekday and weekend to gain the superb facilities which use the very latest technology to care for his client’s beloved pets. Chris is used to putting everything on the line for animals; he spent years running an emergency clinic in South Wales and worked with cheetahs, rhinos and elephants in South Africa. He is also the main vet for wildlife casualties at the Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service based in Whitesmith and has a wealth of touching stories about his experiences helping wild animals here and overseas.

The practice now has three vets and Chris has invested heavily to build an extension which houses state of the art diagnostic equipment, dental facilities and operating theatre. Modern digital X-ray and ultrasound technology makes it easy to swiftly discover the cause of problems, while an in-house lab and specialised clinical lab with a courier service makes diagnosis and treatment much more efficient. All basic surgery and some more complex procedures can be carried out in the operating theatre using the latest anaesthetic techniques.

Cats and dogs have their own separate quarters which make for far less stressful visits and three consulting rooms add to the efficiency of appointments. Therapeutic laser treatment speeds up post surgery recovery while blood and urine samples can be analysed in the lab for speedy diagnosis. There is a heated operating table as anaesthetic makes an animal’s temperature drop and an independently moving X-ray table, again saving stress and time for the pet. Superb dental facilities mean that tooth problems can be seen clearly, right down to the root and a specialist endoscope makes it easy to probe lungs and stomach for potential problems. Henley House was one of the first vets in the area to use non-invasive, pain free laser treatment which has so many different uses ranging from kidney and dental problems to post op pain and arthritis treatment.

The practice hosts Nurse Clinics where people can obtain advice about all aspects of health care and many clients use a monthly care plan which covers all routine procedures and offers discounts as well. In January, there will be an open day so that owners can come and ask questions, tour the facilities and see what Chris and his team have achieved in building a practice that places an unequivocal love of animals at its centre.

Henley House Veterinary Clinic

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