Action Dad!

Action Dad!

Action Dad Wineby Sasha Kanal

Always celebrated on the third Sunday of this month, this year Father’s Day falls on 21st June. Said to have its origins in the USA, Father’s Day celebrations here in the UK only really gained ground during the 1970s. Indeed the day itself has become synonymous with cards illustrated with foaming mugs of beer and a proliferation of Father’s Day gifts on the shop shelves. But whatever your views on celebration days, in our time-poor world, they can serve as a good reminder for us to get together as a family and do something different.

If the dad in question is an active type, then why not plan a walk through the wonderful Sussex countryside (particularly alluring in June) and end up at a country pub for that foaming mug of beer?

Action Dad Kayak CanoeIt’s never too late to learn something new and gifting an experience to a loved one has gained popularity in recent years, with so many companies offering a whole range of pursuits. From kayaking, surfing and supercar driving to bouldering and flight simulation, the dad in your life might be glad for the chance to get out there and try his hand at something totally novel.

For the epicurean, a wine-tasting course or a visit to one of Sussex’s stunning vineyards are unique gifts. Similarly a gourmet picnic while watching a village cricket match would be a great way to bond. Some good quality, crusty bread, Sussex cheeses and chutneys from the local farmer’s market are all that’s required to elevate a picnic to something noble and it beats a dry sandwich any day.

Action Dad Fishing AnglingFor those who prefer to relax and tune out for a few hours, then fishing, one of the UK’s most popular pastimes, is a relatively easy sport to get involved with. All you need is a fishing licence (which can be very low cost for the day), available from the post office and some basic fishing rods. There are many tranquil ponds, lakes and rivers offering fishing in Sussex. Perfect for whiling away a few hours with your pop – catching fish is a bonus.

Cultural connoisseurs can get their kicks at the many stately homes and houses in the county or by searching out their nearest museums and art galleries – many of them with free entry. Follow your highbrow wanderings with a cup of tea and a slice of cake and you have the perfect Father’s Day on a plate.

So whether dad’s a gourmand or a culture vulture, there’s something out there to suit every taste and no excuse this year for cufflinks or a dodgy tie!