Beautiful You... Find Your Fragrance Personality

Beautiful You… Find Your Fragrance Personality

by Amy Newson

Want a new signature scent? Spring is the best season to explore new fragrances and refresh your long-wearing perfume collection.

With spring finally here, April is the perfect month to invest in a new signature scent. That said, finding the perfect perfume to capture your fragrance personality isn’t always easy – not only do you want to smell sensational but you want it to say something about you too.

So to save you spending days agonising over which perfume to choose, we have put together a guide to the best fragrance for every personality. Discover which one you are and get to your favourite fragrance counter with a well-tuned nose.


You are a nostalgic and sentimental person who loves a touch of old-school charm in their life. The dark, heady notes of tobacco, leather and liquor take you back to cherished moments in your past.

The fragrance for you: Something with woody, oriental and sweet notes.


You are passionate and elegant at the same time, with a love for timeless glamour and luxury. Lush florals, powdery notes and the comforting sweet aromas of vanilla and amber make you immensely happy.

The fragrance for you: Roses, roses, roses. Known for being one of the most romantic notes, this classic flower smells soft but not overly feminine.


You are quietly confident with just a touch of mystery to have everyone around you intrigued. Classic woody notes like patchouli and sandalwood blended with sweet vanilla and heady musk give you that unexpected edge.

The fragrance for you: An exciting combination of spicy nutmeg with heady woody notes of patchouli, smooth vanilla and white musk.


You love anything and everything iconic: timeless elegance over modern novelty is your motto. The light and aromatic wafts of florals, spices and comforting sweet aromas of bergamot and amber have you in perfume- heaven.

The fragrance for you: Bergamot, lemon, pink pepper and amber gives a unique and refreshing depth that is also a fresh and familiar blend of scents.


You are contemporary and cutting-edge. You are always one step ahead of the trends and love anything new and exciting. A real pusher of boundaries. Aromatic, clean and crisp smells with a light, airy and shower-fresh edge make your nose happy.

The fragrance for you: A perfume that exudes warm hints of patchouli, saffron and red plum with the uplifting scents of honey and orange zest.


Bold and courageous are your middle names, with your favourite place on Earth being the great outdoors. The fresh and floral notes of orange, lemon, jasmine and magnolia have you dreaming of your next escapade.

The fragrance for you: Fresh, yet mysterious scents that others can’t quite place and have a magical quality thanks to the fabulous scents of musk and floral notes.