Beautiful You... Winter Warmers

Beautiful You… Winter Warmers

by Amy Newson

Want to feel cosy and chic this winter? Then throw out those bobbly old hats and tatty looking scarves you’ve been wearing for the past few years and invest in a new set of winter warmers.

Let’s face it – January can feel like a never-ending month of doom and gloom. After the festive merriment and indulgence of December, it’s hard to face reality again and get on with our day-today routines. Add to that the inevitable cold, wind and wet weather with grey skies – what can make us get out of bed with a smile and an excited anticipation for the day ahead? A cosy and chic wardrobe of course! Treating yourself to a whole collection of winter accessories to brave the cold is just what is needed to get through the remaining frosty months. Invest in a winter uniform that makes you feel like a Snow Queen who rules the icy streets; swap out that black denim for leather, add a chucky knit turtleneck and some sturdy heels. Now you’re ready to accessorise!

Did your mum always tell you to make sure you have a hat on when it’s cold outside? Well, she was right! As your head holds most of your body’s heat, it’s important to don a hat for sub zero temperatures – and it’s the perfect remedy for a bad hair day too! A felt beret, a knitted woollen beanie, a faux-fur ushanka or a herringbone knitted bucket hat are just a few styles you can choose from to make your cold weather walks more bearable.

The best way to keep your entire body warm and toasty is to cover your neck properly. Isn’t there something comforting about a silky soft scarf anyway? A sleek cashmere knitted scarf, a faux-fur collar, a snood or a stole will not only keep that cold breeze out but will make a statement too – choose a colour that complements your winter jacket and adds that finishing touch to your ensemble. A deep port red looks stunning with a light grey coat or pink with a wonderful dark olive really stands out nicely.

In the age of the smartphone, aren’t gloves just the worst? Constantly having to take them on and off to answer the phone, check the time or reply to messages –your poor fingers start to turn to ice! Well it’s in these situations that tech-smart gloves come in handy. From elegant leather-like materials to knitted wonders, keep those fingers ice-free while you use your phone as much as you want in the cold. But for those of you who prefer to stay traditional, nothing beats a pair of cosy cashmere gloves: they feel just like dipping your hands into the softest and most luxurious piece of heaven!

Hurrah! You’ve now not only conquered the inevitable nuisance of staying warm (which is paramount) but have also managed to stay stylish whilst doing so. This way you will look and feel good at all times, even when you just want a duvet day.