Beauty Resolutions

Beauty Resolutions

by Sofia Akin

Can you believe it’s already 2019? We all know how difficult keeping up New Year’s resolutions can be so here’s a few simple style and beauty tips that will be easier to bring in and keep going all through the year.

Always properly remove your make-up

You encounter lots of harmful bacteria throughout the day which sinks into your pores over night if you don’t remove your make-up correctly. The most effective way to do this is to use a cleanser and cotton pads. Then rinse your face with water and gently dab your skin with a flannel. It’s important to follow this process as wipes only get the surface of the product off.

Experiment with unique hairstyles

What better way to start 2019 than with a new do! When your hair looks good it makes you feel good so why not treat yourself and experiment with an original look.

Current trends that are popular are the Pulp Fiction style block fringe and bob. Short hairstyles like this historically symbolise female independence and power. There’s also many individuals out there rocking pastel shades and even grey tones. Who’d have thought going grey would be such a good look!

I got a full fringe myself last year. It’s exciting trying new things with your hair and if you dislike it… it will grow back so it’s not the end of the world. You’ve just got to be ballsy and do it.

Update your wardrobe

Do you get a bit bored of seeing the same old jackets, same old skirts and trousers year and year again in your wardrobe? Then change it up.

You don’t have to change your entire wardrobe but throw in a few bold staple pieces. You could wear more leather, swap in your heels for trainers, whatever you feel like.

Don’t be afraid to try the new trends or even steer clear of them and be different. Over the past couple of years it’s been old trends repeating themselves from the late 1900s, but everyone out there has their own individual style now so why not try something new this year!

Be bold with your makeup look

It’s nice to shake your routine up and try different things. As it’s winter why not switch some winter colours into your makeup bag? You could try some berry colours, such as red or purple lipsticks. Or you could also wear some cool tones, such as blue eyeshadow.

Alternatively why not try something new altogether with your makeup look like trying to do winged eyeliner, or contouring?

You’re never too old or young to try trends and experiment with hair or makeup. 2019 is all about finding yourself and doing what makes you happy. So, why not give these simple new year beauty tips a go!