Better Shape Up

Better Shape Up

by Amy Newson

Grooms, it’s time to dress to impress. Wow your bride and wedding party with an unforgettable look guaranteed to make you feel super stylish on your big day.

While the groom’s outfit on the big day might not be as talked about as the bride’s, it’s still an extremely important feature of the wedding. There are many things to take into consideration. For example, complementing the rest of the bridal party in style and colour is vital. Then there’s comfort to think about – you will be wearing the suit for most of the day, while standing, eating and dancing. Like bridal fashion, groom’s fashion changes from year to year, so here you’ll find 2017’s favourite choices for the most fashion-conscious grooms out there.

2017 is offering a whole variety of colours, materials and styles, guaranteeing that the perfect outfit is out there somewhere. Bear in mind the season of the wedding. This will help with the material and colour choice for your big day. One of the first things to take into account is the formality of the wedding. Will it be a super-formal black tie event or a more casual affair? For a formal wedding, your best bet is the more traditional wedding tuxedo, but certain elements can be added to make it a bit more personal. Patterned ties or bowties, quirky cufflinks, colourful cummerbunds and shoes can all be chosen to suit the groom’s personal style. If you’re dressing for a more casual wedding, a simple two-piece suit with a shirt is enough – you can even get suit separates and mix and match pieces to your taste.

Grey is very slick and bang on trend this year. It goes well with so many colours that you won’t have to worry about clashing with the rest of the bridal party. Charcoal grey is an excellent shade and by adding a bit of yellow or pink – in say a tie or pocket square, the suit can be transformed into the perfect summer wedding choice. You can always add black for a winter or a more formal celebration.

Blue is another colour that promises to be a top trendsetter in 2017. Navy, light or even electric blue stand out and show off a fun personality. Brown leather accessories are the natural choice for this colour and look great with all shades of blue, so shoes and belts will be a no-brainer! If you’re feeling bold, then you can brighten up your wedding outfit with a pastel pink tie or, to keep it classically chic, accessorise in tones of blue or burgundy.

For an autumn or winter wedding, a great standout shade to opt for is burgundy. To achieve a really unique look, you can mix and match this colour with other shades of red, or tone it down with navy. If you’re a fan of bold colours, another choice is emerald green. This deep shade is an unequivocal fashion hit for 2017. It fits magnificently in a monochrome combination, where the jacket and trousers are the same colour, as well as in the stylish ensemble of black trousers with an emerald green jacket. Tweed, check and wool suits are also a massive hit this year and can be found in abundance. Tweed is a truly timeless fabric and is just the right look for a rustic, country wedding. If full tweed seems a bit too much, then a waistcoat or wool tie are the perfect additions to jazz things up a bit.

Prints give your suit a three dimensional effect and lend your overall look some texture: floral motifs stand out as the main go-to. If you want to give some oomph to your wedding day outfit, then velvet is another popular material for a cold weather wedding. This gentle textile gives an excellent matte effect when worn as the main material and is just as effective used as trimming – on the cuffs and collar of your suit – giving a definite sense of modernity. Silk is a great choice for a summer wedding, as this breezy fabric will keep you cool while also being elegant and charming.

As for fits – the super slim fit is not only for the bride this year! The three-piece suit is also very topical and the waist has to be the emphasis of the look – single breasted, fitted jackets with one or two buttons are the thing to choose. The fashion of 2017 has really picked up on vintage trends – groom suits and tuxedos can be found in true British dandy styles in black or dark blue with pristine white shirts and bow ties to boot.

Choosing what to wear on your big day can seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry – just go for a suit or tuxedo that reflects your personality and then dress it up or down to your heart’s content.