Body Buzz - Bingo Wings Be Gone!

Body Buzz – Bingo Wings Be Gone!

by Sasha Kanal

Let’s be honest, most of us could do with an upper arm tone up, but help is here! Ban the bingo wings and gain arm confidence this summer.

Summer with its abundance of short-sleeved tops and sleeveless clothing in the shops, means it’s time to expose those upper arms to the elements… and the general public. Whether you find yourself at a social event or off for a dip in the sea or swimming pool on your holidays, your upper arms will almost definitely be on display at some point during the summer.

But are they fit for purpose? I’m not just talking aesthetically here (which is a nice side effect) but physically too?

Let’s start with the dreaded ‘bingo wings’ – the loose folds of fat on the underside of the arms, which so often put people off wearing garments that will reveal them. But who wants to hide their light under a sartorial bushel and restrict themselves this summer?

From a physiological perspective, better upper body and arm strength is important especially as you get older, because it affects your ability to do everyday activities such as reaching, pulling and lifting. Maintaining your strength up top can help to improve your flexibility, mobility, range of motion and posture – all the things that can make life easier. You are aiming to build muscle mass, something that deteriorates as we age.

So, here are two exercises, which if done regularly can help to banish those bingo wings and gain that all-important upper arm strength as a result.


Place your hands palm down on the floor and underneath your shoulders, ensuring they are flat and your fingers are facing directly forwards. Your legs, back and hips should be aligned to form a straight line from head to toe. Slowly lower your body by bending your elbows out to the side until your chest is about two inches from the floor. Hold for the count of two and then repeat 10 times. For an easier version, do your press-up with your knees on the floor.


Targeting your biceps, triceps and shoulders, this exercise works best if you keep your abdominal muscles pulled in and tight.

Start by standing with your back straight and your feet firmly and flat on the ground. Extend your arms out to the side so they are at a 90-degree angle to your body and begin to move them in small, fast circles forward. Do as many rotations as you can and then reverse the movement, doing as many circles as you can in the opposite direction. Take a short break to recover and repeat twice more.

Before undertaking any of the above, always do a 5-minute warm up first with some gentle stretching in that area.

When it comes to your arms, exercise is extremely effective and the muscles in the upper arm area respond fairly quickly to resistance exercise. However throwing some fat-burning cardio movement into the mix is also imperative as well as eating a good, healthy diet. Be a bingo winner!

Caution: If you are unsure of any new exercise regime please consult your GP before commencing