Body Buzz - It's Child's Play

Body Buzz – It’s Child’s Play

by Sasha Kanal

Reconnect with your inner child and have a go at playing! Sasha Kanal explains how to have fun with your exercises

When was the last time you had fun in your workout? Here at Body Buzz we’re certainly not ones to negate any form of exercise or activity. An endorphin high no matter what activity or sport you’ve done to achieve it, is always good in our books. But can you recall the last time you experienced a real sense of fun and play from any exercise?

Perhaps as a rule we adults should reframe our view of exercise as a chore, a ‘work’-out or something we need to tick off our to do list at the end of the day. Or maybe this approach works for you and it’s the prescriptive approach that helps you get it done. Either way, activities that mimic or recapture childhood games are a ‘thing’ currently in the fitness world. So dust off your skipping rope, get those hula hoops out and prepare to giggle – A LOT!

Keep It Up!

Hula hooping is a great way to dissolve those calories. In fact a study by the American Council on Exercise revealed that it can burn about 210 calories in a 30 minute workout depending on your age and weight. Plus it comes behind only bootcamp and kick boxing for best calorie burning rate amongst other popular exercises. Rocking your hips to keep the hoop in place activates all the muscles of your core and helps to get rid of belly fat and slim your waist. The larger the hoop, the easier the workout and some hoops are weighted to work you even harder. Before you start, keep the hoop level by holding it on both sides, then rest it against your back and start to spin! Get one spin in and then start circling your hips to start hula hooping.

Feeling Ropey

Transport yourself back to the playground and start skipping! It’s the ultimate high intensity workout as it burns so many calories – apparently 10 minutes of skipping is the equivalent to running a mile in eight minutes. Skipping is less harsh on your joints compared to running. It can help your coordination and balance and is a weight-bearing exercise because you pound the ground, so can help stave off osteoporosis. Skipping is also a full body workout as you use your legs to jump, and your shoulders and arms for turning the rope and your abdominals for stabilising the body.

Animal Magic

Movements that mimic animals can be amazing for strength and conditioning and improving your coordination and mobility. Start with a crab crawl – an intense upper body movement that uses your own body weight for resistance. Start by sitting on the floor with your feet in front of you, hip distance apart. Put your arms behind your back with your fingers facing your hips. Lift your hips off the floor and tighten your abs. Start moving forward by moving your left hand followed by your right foot and so on, moving back and forth.

CAUTION: If you have any long-standing health concerns, always consult your GP if you’re starting a new exercise.