Body Buzz: Holiday Health

Body Buzz: Holiday Health

by Sasha Kanal

After our glorious summer here in the UK, many of us will be well-versed in looking after ourselves in the warmer weather. Sasha Kanal explores how we can stay fit and healthy this holiday.

We as a nation seem to be good these days at applying the right sunscreen factor, keeping ourselves properly hydrated, protecting our skins from biting insects and the like. But what about exercising safely in this hot weather and getting enough movement into your day to stay healthy whilst you’re on holiday?

A holiday is just that and there should be no pressure to exercise unless you really want to.

It’s about recuperating both physically and mentally. Unless you want to go hell for leather with your running, the key is to incorporate movement, exercise and healthy-ish ways naturally into your days. Here are a few ways to do just this:

  1. The hotel pool is your best friend. We’ve covered the benefits of swimming in Body Buzz before, so make like a mermaid and plunge into the pool and swim at every opportunity. When you stop for a breather, go to the side and do some kicks or stretches with your legs under water. You won’t look silly I promise.
  2. Mini bar snacks. This is not an opportunity to raid the (usually extortionately expensive hotel mini bar) but a chance to use the cool fridge to refrigerate any healthy snacks you may have brought with you or you find on your travels. Fresh and unusual fruits from local markets are a better alternative to salty crisps and nuts any day!
  3. Join the resistance! Pack some resistance bands into your luggage. These stretchy little fellows are perfect travelling companions as they are light – adding hardly any weight to your baggage allowance. They are a great and painless way to stretch in your villa or hotel room each morning. Using them is quick and convenient.
  4. Keep on walking. Who doesn’t want to explore their surroundings on holiday? Wherever you are in the world, discovering new vistas is a joy and essential for relaxation in my humble opinion. Pack some trainers or shoes that are easy to walk in and explore the old town, or castle or market. You’ll soon rack up your 10,000 steps and you won’t even notice!
  5. New adventures. If you’re naturally the adventurous kind, use your holiday as an opportunity to try new activities and sports. Whether you’re in Greece or Guernsey, there will be water sports and activities such as horse riding on offer somewhere near you. Break out of your comfort zone (safely of course) and challenge yourself to learn a new skill. And you never know – far from a fleeting holiday romance, it could be something you continue once you’re back home. Safe and happy holidays from Body Buzz!