Body Buzz - Let's Dance

Body Buzz – Let’s Dance

by Sasha Kanal

Time to get those dancing shoes on and try some new fancy footwork – great for fitness and mental stimulation, dancing is also fun and sociable.

It’s May, traditionally the start of summer and if you are looking to shake up your fitness regime or want to try something totally new, then now is the time to get dancing! With so many dance styles on offer now in the UK from salsa and ceroc to ballroom and belly dancing and a whole host of classes throughout Sussex, there’s no excuse not to get those dancing shoes on.

Dance - Gym - HappyThe benefits of dancing are numerous and varied depending on what dance option you go for. By its very nature dance in general is attractive to human beings because moving to music stimulates the senses – sight, sound and touch, helping to make it fun and raise endorphins into the bargain. It’s also the democratic choice, in that there’s normally a dance style out there to suit every age and ability.

Dancing is a great way to improve overall fitness because along with offering a cardiovascular workout, it can also strengthen and tone muscles and improve posture, balance and flexibility. Unsurprisingly, regular dance sessions can help to burn calories too with a half an hour dance session burning at least 100 calories for an average-sized person and something as high intensity as salsa burning as much as 480 calories per hour if done properly.

Not just brilliant for you physically, dancing can also benefit your grey matter. Learning new dance steps and routines can keep you mentally active by stimulating working memory. Along with this, exercise improves circulation in the body and in turn oxygen to the brain. Then there’s the social side of things and the potential to form new friendships – a win-win situation.

Participating in dance classes can also build physical stamina as the music keeps you going and keeps you coming back for more – ideal for those who find the gym a bit boring or hard to stick to.

So what dance steps are on offer in our beautiful corner of Sussex? Here’s a small selection.

Dance - GymFancy doing some jive talkin? Then there’s ceroc – best described as jive but with minimal footwork. Always wanted to do ballet but missed out as a child? Then there’s adult ballet and jazz for beginners on offer across most of Sussex. Want amazing upper body strength and toning whilst gaining tonnes of body confidence? Then pole dancing may be for you. If you’re dying to listen to some great music whilst shimmying along like Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire, get your tap shoes on and get stuck in.

As one quote goes, “There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them”. So what are you waiting for?

Caution: If you are unsure of any new exercise regime please consult your GP before commencing.