'Bridge To Farce' In Cuckfield

‘Bridge To Farce’ In Cuckfield

Our major spring production is the World Premiere of Bridge To Farce, a comedy written by Richard Willis and Paul Ruse.

Bridge To Farce began its life as a one act play presented in 2015’s February Frolics where it was a huge hit. Now extended to a full length play you will see not only the high-jinks at Manor Gardens but also at the nearby Manor Drive…

Politically ambitious Margaret and long-suffering husband Norman are expecting a new couple into their Bridge circle. But when wife swapping beginners Barry and Angie arrive by mistake, both couples spend an alarming evening at cross purposes!

Meanwhile, bridge-playing Edward and Charlotte – Margaret and Norman’s intended guests, enjoy a party with George and Zoe – Barry and Angie’s intended hosts! When the party is in full ‘swing’, all are caught in compromising situations as Bridge turns to Farce…

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