Bulky Boogie The Beagle Hopes To Be Sized Up By New Owners

Bulky Boogie The Beagle Hopes To Be Sized Up By New Owners

We’re all prone to overindulging at Easter but an overweight Beagle at Dogs Trust Shoreham nicknamed ‘Bulky Boogie’ has been put on a weight loss programme for Lent in a bid to find him a loving home.

Boogie arrived at the Brighton Road rehoming centre weighing almost three times as much as a healthy dog his size. The six-year-old portly pooch, who was tipping the scales at a whopping 29kg (18kg over his ideal weight) on arrival, was put on a strict calorie controlled diet and exercise plan to help him slim down and shift the extra pounds. Boogie is currently the equivalent weight of a giant anteater or four bowling balls.

Although he’s already shed some excess pounds since arriving at Dogs Trust, Boogie has a long way to go and will need the continued support of staff and his future family to make sure he reaches his goal weight. Boogie is hoping his weight loss will help him secure a new home, after being handed over to the charity as a result of his previous owner experiencing housing issues.

Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre Manager, Tracey Rae, said: “Boogie is a very sweet chap who loves to sniff out new places. He walks great on a lead and travels well in a car – he is just looking for a loving family that are committed to helping him get fit and healthy, as well as encouraging him to go for plenty of walks. Staff have ensured that he has given up the good grub for Lent, in favour of a low calorie diet to help shed the excess pounds. The team here is hoping that Boogie satisfies an adopter’s craving for canine company!”

Boogie enjoys the company of four-legged friends and could live with another dog in his new home. This playful soul is looking for an adult-only household without visiting children. He would like his new family to be around for most of the time, as he loves human companionship.

Dogs Trust Veterinary Director Paula Boyden explains that whilst the temptation might be to treat your pooch to a doggy delicacy, it is best to do so only occasionally. She says: “It’s important not to overfeed dogs as the surplus weight puts strain on their bodies, particularly the heart and joints. Human food is not an ideal balanced diet for your dog. Dog treats and special meals, for example dog-friendly cakes, should be occasional and certainly not a replacement for a regular diet. Such treats are often highly calorific so if you are giving them to your dog, reduce their daily meal portions accordingly.”

If you are interested in giving Boogie a happy, healthy home please call Dogs Trust Shoreham directly on 0300 303 0292 or visit www.dogstrust.org.uk. The rehoming centre is situated on Brighton Road, Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5LT.