Business Support In Haywards Heath

Business Support In Haywards Heath

by Sue Llewellyn

The festivities are over and the reality of the cold January blues has hit; but bringing the light to the end of the tunnel, Haywards Heath Business Association are ready and rearing to start 2018 with a bang.

Revamped, with a new look and with a reinvigorated business approach, Haywards Heath Business Association (HHBA) has changed a lot, whilst maintaining its classic vision and aim – to support businesses in the local area. HHBA have plenty of events and activities to enhance the experience of members and opens the door to a varied and vibrant business and social community. In the upcoming months, there is a lot to look forward to from the group, meaning 2018 is the year to get involved, become a member and take advantage of all we have to offer.

Not to be overlooked are our classic sponsored networking events; a social yet invaluable monthly event of drinks and nibbles with other members, giving you access to a varied and diverse business network in and around Haywards Heath. Our networking events are sponsored throughout the year by fantastic companies and individuals who all contribute to the local area. Starting the year off, we have the lovely Sal Jeffries and Lisa Moore.

On February 21st members have the perfect opportunity to learn about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect from May 2018. GDPR is an upcoming change in the law that sets out how businesses and organisations process and handle data. This networking event will have Anne Boutrup explaining how these changes will affect you and your business, and enable you to get to grips with the technicalities and get a step ahead of the game. With a whole store of fantastic sponsors lined up, 2018 is looking to be HHBA’s year!

Launching for the first time, we also have the Quarterly Lunch Club; which is a club for small businesses to connect over lunch every three months. Look out for more details being released soon.

It doesn’t stop there, and we are proud to announce our brand-new Peer Learning Group, a spinoff of our popular Business Development Group. Ever feel like you need an expert’s opinion? Ever just needed a chat with somebody who has been there before you? Ever needed someone’s advice on a new direction you are headed in? These Peer Learning Groups have a small business focus and are based around building a strong connected group of like-minded entrepreneurs, aiming to offer support and advice to other people.

The 30th of January will see the first meeting where one or two business owners will come forward with a pressing business issue they would like advice on – this could be how to win more business or even an HR or staff issue.

HHBA work hard to connect and create business opportunities for the nearly 200 strong members of the business community. If the HHBA is something that you feel like you want to be involved with, we are always looking for proactive individuals to not only be a HHBA member but to be a part of our committee. Many hands make light work and fresh ideas add to an already energised and dynamic business hub.

HHBA; a buzzing, thriving community, with a great year to come. If you would like to find out more please visit us at or email our administrator Sue at