Child Of Sussex Awards

Child Of Sussex Awards

by Anna Bingham

More Radio Child of Sussex Awards celebrate the achievements of incredible young people, Anna Bingham shares their stories and how you can enter your own superstar.

Have a think back to your childhood and to what makes up some of your standout memories.

For me it was playing My Little Pony with my sister, coming up with endless reasons for my parents on exactly why it was imperative we got a dog, and sneaking extra biscuits from the tin at Nanna and Grandpas without being caught.

Over the last couple of years I have come to realise what a carefree and blessed childhood I actually had. Plus I realise I was really quite a lazy child! I say this because through my involvement with the Child of Sussex Awards these last 6 years, I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the county’s most amazing young people and I’ve heard some inspiring, emotional, heartwarming and heart-breaking stories from these youngsters.

The annual More Radio Child of Sussex Awards are taking place again this year at Brighton’s Hilton Metropole Hotel on Friday 20th October, and nominations are open now.

I find it a genuinely humbling experience, and it’s an honour to be on stage hosting the More Radio Child of Sussex Awards because I don’t just get to hear about these amazing young people I get to meet them. They are always, without question, truly inspirational children.

Let me introduce you to a couple of our winners from last year.

You may have heard of our Gold Award winner. Two year old Sebastian Stevens is quite a star around Mid-Sussex. At 18 months old he was diagnosed with a very rare form of bladder cancer and had to undergo a great deal of gruelling treatment. Despite this he was a brave, cheery little boy who’s strength kept his family going throughout these heart-breaking times.

Our Best Friend Award went to 12 year old Abi Smith. She is autistic and has other serious health problems. Her best friend Joss is profoundly autistic and it was his mum who nominated Abi. She told us, “Joss has never really had a friend and has even been bullied. Abi coaxed Joss out of his shell. Slowly, carefully and thoughtfully. She has defended him. She acted as translator for him. Nothing has ever made him so happy in his life.”

Other incredible winners included our Performer Award winner 13 year old Abigail Eames who has already starred in Casualty, Dr Who and the movie, Shivaay. 15 year old Keir Langmead won our Make a Difference award. He suffers from dyslexia, but with the help of his tutor has written a book ‘The Proud Prince of Positivity’ that’s specifically aimed at helping teachers to understand how to help a student suffering from the condition. So many great winners, all with amazing stories to tell.

Do you know an incredible or inspiring young person who you think deserves some recognition? We have 12 categories for you to nominate in, including Best Brother, Best Sister, Fundraiser of the Year, Sporting Star and our Courage Award. Head to to nominate now and spread the word!