Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

by Tori Stevens

Get in the festive mood this month with a home-made Christmas bauble wreath. Simple to make, inexpensive and brightly coloured, this will jazz up your front door or mantelpiece. We have gone for a mix of bright colours here, but you could try vintage inspired baubles for a subtler look or use just a couple of colours, red and white for example. Have fun!

  • Craft Time: 1 – 1½ hours


  • 1 large polystyrene wreath
  • Ribbon for tying
  • A glue gun
  • 6 glue sticks
  • 60 large baubles
  • 10 medium baubles
  • 40 small baubles
  • Old newspaper
  1. Christmas WreathFirst make sure you place some old newspaper down because this can get a little messy!
  2. Turn on the glue gun and let it heat up. Take the metal ends off all the baubles.
  3. Wrap the ribbon a couple of times around the polystyrene wreath and tie up to hang.
  4. Place the wreath flat on the newspaper. Starting with the large baubles, dab generously with the glue and place around the outside edge of the wreath, leaving a small gap between each one and making sure the smooth round side is on show. Hold firmly in place until stuck. Repeat on the inside and all over the wreath.
  5. Start adding some medium baubles in the larger gaps. You can glue the baubles together as well to make it sturdy. Fill any other gaps with the smaller baubles, and build it up until you are happy with how it looks. Be generous with the glue and don’t worry about the stringy bits all over the place; once it is all set and dry you can trim or pull these off.
  6. Hang it up and admire!