Clean, Green Beauty

Clean, Green Beauty

by Hanna Prince

Forget clean eating – the latest lifestyle movement is green beauty. Hanna Prince tells us how to purify our skincare regimes.

The wellness movement has been gathering momentum over the past few years, with a wave of celebs, food bloggers and chefs extolling the virtues of a cleaner, greener lifestyle. Now the beauty industry is catching on – according to a recent survey, 73 per cent of millennial women seek out cleaner products. Brands increasingly carry labels such as ‘natural’, ‘organic’ and ‘botanical’. So how can you make sure that your beauty regime is squeaky clean?


The term ‘organic’ is widely used throughout the beauty industry to attract health-conscious consumers – but don’t let yourself be drawn in. Unlike in food marketing, where any product labelled as organic must adhere to strict EU standards, there are no legal requirements for the use of the term on beauty products. That’s why it’s important to check for an independent endorsement, for example The Soil Association logo only appears on products containing the highest level of certified organic ingredients possible.


For many of us, turning to a cleaner beauty regime is all about cutting down our contact with potentially harmful chemicals. The only way you can really be sure that your hair and beauty products are free from nasties is to check the label. If you are not sure about an ingredient it’s always worth doing some research; talk to a qualified beautician who will be able to advise you, and there is a wealth of information online as well.


It’s important to think about how your beauty products are packaged. Plastics are big news at the moment and it’s vital that we recycle them where we can. Check the labels on the back of your packaging to help you identify how best to recycle it.


If you are thinking about green ingredients then why not think about green companies too? A little simple research will help you ascertain the green credentials of a company, from its testing procedures, environmental responsibilities, philosophies and values and of course its ingredients.


Purifying your beauty regime is a chance to experiment with a whole range of fun new products and approaches – but don’t feel that you have to ditch your old favourites. By adopting a few clean, green elements and weeding out the most chemical- heavy products, you’ll be reducing your exposure to toxins and benefiting the environment at the same time. Now, who’s for a seaweed face mask?