Cleaned With Care At Sarah Lacey

Cleaned With Care At Sarah Lacey

by Ruth Lawrence

Keeping precious clothes in tip-top condition is a job for a specialist; Ruth Lawrence went along to Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning to discover what it takes to look after those delicate garments.

Sarah’s family have been providing a high quality dry cleaning service for over a century and a half and she has just invested in a state of the art machine that is capable of cleaning the most challenging fabrics. The machine, supplied and fitted by Sussex based Dane Realstar is suitably imposing, using the latest technology to clean delicate items more gently with its solvent chiller system. Especially suited to silks, wedding dresses, beaded or sequined outfits and vintage fabrics, the unit operates at a lower temperature and prevents solvents entering the atmosphere. Safer for the environment and the wellbeing of staff, the machine has an ecological filter and a decolouring filter which reduces the risk of colour bleeds. It can be programmed for specific items to ensure that each cherished garment receives the attention it deserves.

Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning - Wedding DressA new wet cleaning system has also been introduced, using specialist detergents to clean items that cannot normally be washed or dry cleaned such as sheepskin rugs and some curtains, chair and suite covers. Clients can bring in an item and discuss it with Sarah and her team before leaving it for cleaning; that might be an irreplaceable wedding dress or a delicate vintage garment.

The business is accountable to the council for solvent emissions and the new machine ensures that the environment does not suffer while cleaning the most specialised items. Its energy efficiency uses still vapour as part of the drying process and as a result a minimum amount of solvent ends up as waste.

In addition to cleaning, Sarah’s team undertakes alterations – just think how many garments are languishing in your wardrobe due to a lost button, a dropped hem or an annoying rip in a seam. If you wish to revamp a garment by dying it, Sarah stocks a vast selection of popular Dylon colours and if your clothes are suffering from moth attacks, there are numerous ways to counteract the destructive insects before they do more damage.

Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning - ChristmasA well stocked haberdashery section offers a full range of top stitch threads and button threads by leading brand Gutermann along with elastics, pins and numerous essential items. With the Christmas season in full swing, Sarah has sourced a selection of fabulous vintage style decorations by Gisela Graham including baubles, reindeer and white ceramic decorations. Whether you need to clean your favourite vintage frock, keep a shirt looking crisp or make sure your cherished wedding dress is as perfect as the day you wore it, Sarah guarantees to continue her family tradition of providing you with the very best service for your precious garments.

Sarah Lacey Dry CleaningSarah Lacey Dry Cleaning

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