The Connected Smart Home – Blinds And Shades Total Control

The Connected Smart Home – Blinds And Shades Total Control

by Jeff Allen

Over 40 years ago, Tomorrows World showcased the ”smart home” of the future – in fact Stirling Moss’s home was illustrated as an example of how your lights could be switched on automatically and your curtains silently closed to a schedule that you could programme. There was a lot of wiring and control systems involved and it was a fascinating view of the future – how times have changed!

Today the future has arrived thanks to the role of App controlled systems and even more exciting using voice control from Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Home Kit via Siri and Google’s Home.

The principle of operation to control any of your home’s Smart devices is pretty much the same for many of the Smart systems available on the market. You have to decide what you what to control:

  • Blinds?
  • Curtains?
  • Patio awnings?
  • Home heating controls?
  • Play music?

And of course using voice control along with the App schedules and scenes really does automate things for you. Most systems available today work along the same principle but beware! Not all Smart Home Apps will control everything you have in mind.

We have used the Somfy Radio (RTS) system for a number of years to control our Blinds and Awnings using a discrete wireless controller which includes a number of channels and different programming options. Now, adding the Somfy TaHoMa hub and App into the system allows you truly automate all your devices, not only Blinds but including garage doors, Phillips Hue and much more. The Somfy TaHoMa simply plugs into your router and is mains powered. TaHoMa sends commands received from Alexa using Radio signals to the Blinds and other devices connected to the system.

We’ve only mentioned one system here in this article, this is a constantly evolving technology so tricky to back the right horse, future-proofing is of paramount importance and staying with the leading manufacturers is probably the best bet.


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