Cranwell Wealth Solutions Breathing Life Into Heathfield

Cranwell Wealth Solutions Breathing Life Into Heathfield

Like many businesses ours required an office from which to work; but in a world where our high streets were reducing and contracting, we asked ourselves if there was another way… a way to create a base for our team, but to also invest in our local community, in particular our struggling high streets…

4 years ago we opened our first Cranwell Wealth Solutions shop in Uckfield High Street, offering Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Inheritance Tax Planning and Mortgages.

Our high street offering was an overnight success. Anyone, whether an existing client or not, could simply pop in, discuss their plans face to face with an advisor they knew and trusted, and all at the same time as running their every day errands in the town.

Thanks to our Uckfield experience, we are delighted to have recently opened our second shop in Heathfield, with the exact same offering. You see the truth is, we miss the good old days. The days when our banks were on every high street, the days when our shops were bustling with people and the days when you’d find a post office with ease. Times are changing, but we are proud to offer expert advice on your doorstep and love being the new addition to your wonderful high street.

So next time you’re in Heathfield, pop in on us, we offer you an open door and a friendly smile. Not to mention of course, first class financial advice.

We hope to welcome you soon.

The Cranwell Wealth Solutions Team

Address: 56 High Street, Heathfield, East Sussex, TN21 8JQ