CreteCraft - Polished To Perfection

CreteCraft – Polished To Perfection

by Ruth Lawrence

CreteCraft is bringing a whole new approach to polished concrete coverings, allowing your imagination and design dreams to come to life before your eyes.

CreteCraft - Nick BennNick Benn ran his own plastering company for 25 years before he discovered a new material that allowed him to design products that ignited his creative potential.

Micro-top polished concrete is a slightly baffling term for an extraordinary coating; available in virtually any colour, it covers almost any flat surface from screeded floors or old tiles to walls, fire surrounds or bespoke concrete worktops. However, its real potential lies in design and this is where Nick can bring your imaginative ideas alive. Heat, weather and frost proof, this artisan product can be used to bring an outdated kitchen to life, make the garden into a liveable space or create stunning indoor or outdoor furniture with polished, distressed or wood grain textures.

CreteCraft - Exterior Funiture Nick’s clients have ranged from Gatwick Airport, the Barbican and Weatherspoons to numerous homeowners keen to embrace the stunning possibilities of Micro-top. CreteCraft Ltd, Nick’s company, gained a prestigious Grand Design Award for his contemporary urban garden design. Retailers from Carnaby Street, architects and interior designers are catching on to a product that can create large or small scale effects that are durable, light and modern, such as feature walls, shop fittings or even reception desks.

CreteCraft - TableNick carries out a visit to the client with samples, combined with the practical and imaginative knowledge to see the project through from start to finish. The more I spoke to Nick, who works from his workshop in Bedlam Street, Hurstpierpoint, the more possibilities I could see, both indoors and in the garden. Micro-top can coat inexpensive materials such as plywood lending visual weight while retaining physical lightness. With colour built into the coating rather than simply sitting on the surface, the finish is exceptionally durable and rich.

If you have an idea that you previously thought was unattainable, Nick should be able to make it happen. His winning combination of this most modern of materials with time honoured artisan techniques can bring your design dreams to life.

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For further information contact Nick on 07974 196239