Dazzling Daffodils At Hever Castle

Dazzling Daffodils At Hever Castle

16 – 22 March

Visitors are invited to get up close and personal and find more about the different varieties of the humble narcissi as part of Hever Castle’s third Dazzling Daffodils event.

Hever Castle has once again teamed up with bulb expert Johnny Walkers who along with Head Gardener Neil Miller will be giving tours and talks from the 16th – 20th March.

Visitors can see daffodils in Anne Boleyn’s Orchard (not usually open to the public) and learn more about the new and exciting varieties that have been interplanted on the Estate.

Hever Castle has also joined with charity Marie Curie to support its Great Daffodil Appeal. Held every March, it’s when millions of people across the UK come together to volunteer, fundraise, donate and wear a daffodil pin so Marie Curie Nurses can give vital care to people living with a terminal illness and their families. Volunteers from the charity will be talking about the appeal on the 21st and 22nd March and visitors will be able to collect a daffodil pin and find out more about the charity’s work.

Varieties planted for 2020 include a full double cream white flowered with rich tangerine range segments with a hint of green on the edges called Flower Parade and a striking large cupped white with a frilled rose red cup called Decoy.

Neil also took possession (last year) of 10 rare daffodil bulbs named ‘Hever’.  These daffodils were produced by Noel Burr a well-known amateur breeder and exhibitor of daffodils who lived in East Sussex before he died in 2018. Neil explains, “Noel was a real whizz with daffodils and registered no less than 58 new cultivars with the International Daffodil Register – many of the daffodils were named after places in Sussex and Kent, including our very own Hever. I will be displaying them in a pot for visitors to enjoy in March.”

Tens of thousands of daffodils flowering on the Estate have been boosted by 21,000 new varieties planted in the last three years since the start of Dazzling Daffodils.

Neil adds: “Like William Wordsworth (who would have celebrated his 250th birthday next month, if he were still alive!), the gardening team absolutely love Dazzling Daffodils at Hever. We have found, over the last few years, that these wonderful flowers really bring out the visitors. There are keen daffodil fans throughout the country and even a magazine devoted to the flowers. Wordsworth was captivated by these golden blooms growing wild in the Lake District and there is undeniably something evocative when you see daffodils in March – it’s the very essence of new-life and springtime.”