Discover Bedelands - nature on your doorstep

Discover Bedelands – nature on your doorstep

Bedelands mapDiscover the countryside in and around Burgess Hill, taking in Bedelands Farm nature Reserve.

From the car park, return to Maple Drive and turn left.
On reaching Blackthorns, turn right, then almost immediately left into Maple Close. Follow the path ahead out to Valebridge Road, passing under the railway. Cross to the signed path opposite, and go over an estate road to pick up an enclosed path between houses. The path leads to a squeeze stile; you should follow the obvious path ahead to a gap in the hedge,

then walk through two fields along a left-hand field edge to a stile by a dwelling.Follow the track ahead and, at the entrance to Great Ote Hall, take the left indicated path on the four-arm signpost.

Great Ote Hall is a Grade I listed building, which has been owned by the Godman family since 1530.

Go over a squeeze stile, then through a metal gate. Follow the wide track ahead for about 1⁄4 mile to a metal gate, then cross the field ahead diagonally to the top left-hand corner. Go over a squeeze stile and walk slightly uphill on an enclosed path to join the drive to Lunces Hall. Cross the drive to the kissing gate opposite, turn left and walk parallel with the drive on an enclosed path. Go through a metal gate and down a flight of steps, and maintain direction ahead through a large field, dropping downhill to a narrow gap between fences to cross a footbridge. Go up the field ahead alongside trees to join Theobalds Road via a squeeze stile. Follow this residential Road out to Valebridge Road.

Cross Valebridge Road with care to the pavement opposite and turn right uphill. Justbeforeabusstop, turn left on a signed path and cross the railway with extreme caution via a pair of substantial stiles. You are now in Bedelands Farm Nature Reserve.

The reserve is owned by Mid Sussex District Council and was declared a Local Nature Reserve in 1991. The Friends of Burgess Hill Green Circle Network help to maintain it. It covers 80 acres and consists of ancient meadows, woodland, hedgerows and ponds.

To resume the walk, turn right and walk parallel with the railway to go over a raised causeway, and carry on downhill. Where the path bears right into trees, follow a fence line left on a wide path, with Valebridge Pond on your right. Pass through a gap in the hedge at the end of the pond, close to the former Mill. Ignore the path to your right, and go over a small footbridge into Big Wood. Shortly, the paths diverge; take the right fork and carry on through
the wood, with a pond on your left. Exit the wood and follow the enclosed path ahead, which soon becomes a boardwalk curving round the wood. Go through another wood and, on reaching two small footbridges, maintain direction ahead. At a junction of paths, bear right over a footbridge and, at a signpost, go through a gate. Cross the field ahead back to your car.

We are very grateful to Les Campbell for bringing us new and exciting local walks every month. A founder member and former Chairman of the Mid Sussex Ramblers, he is a very experienced and enthusiastic walker indeed. Les insists on testing all routes personally, making sure they are suitable for walking. However, even he cannot guarantee the effects of the weather, or roadworks, or any other factors outside of his control. If you would like to send your feedback about a local walk, please email