It's A Dog's Life - July 2018

It’s A Dog’s Life – July 2018

Rolo the Border Terrier finds summer months the perfect time to forage for extra snacks, and his apprentice Teddy is catching on quickly!

One of the things I enjoy about this time of year is the summer food. Now I think it’s fair to say that I have a fairly eclectic taste when it comes to edibles, and, to be honest, the not quite edible, as I don’t want to risk missing something good. After all, if it turns out that something I’ve consumed isn’t really digestible, it usually finds its own way out, one end or the other, and I’ve always got staff on hand to help in the clearing up department. I do, however, have some dietary preferences that are well served by the summer months.

Take soft fruit. I try to at every opportunity! ‘Her Indoors’ grows strawberries and blueberries in the veg plot and little Alpine strawberries free range in the side border which are absolutely perfect for a small dog with a good sense of smell. I wonder if my apprentice, Teddy, knows how to ‘pick your own’? If not, he soon will do.

When Teddy first came to us, he was a slow and frankly picky eater. I soon trained him out of that nonsense. Once I had finished my own food, unless ‘Her Indoors’ spoilt the fun by feeding us separately, I immediately went over to Teddy’s bowl and finished his off too. This has made him much quicker at eating his food, in fact, he often finishes before me now which just shows how effective my instruction has been.

Another summer edible that I enjoy is ice cream. They make special ice cream for dogs, but, if I’m entirely honest, I prefer the human kind. It’s not that I’m specifically given any, it’s just that people seem incapable of eating one without dribbling or dropping some and I’m very good at clearing up. In addition I’m not above a bit of timely theft if someone is foolish enough to sit down on the grass and start waving an ice cream or lolly around. I might be senior but it’s amazing how high I can jump with a little incentivising.

And that brings me on to the happy topic of picnics. What could be nicer than a picnic blanket with an array of food laid out. You don’t even have to jump – perfect! ‘Her Indoors’ took Teddy and myself recently, on a Border Terrier walk with a picnic lunch for the people. She had to try and eat a packed lunch whilst sitting on the floor with both Teds and I in close proximity. I have to say her reflexes are pretty good for a woman of her age! Still, if you can’t get at your own picnic, there’s always someone else’s, and ‘Her Indoors’ is also good at dragging me o other people’s food and apologising profusely. I don’t know what her problem is. Summer eating is all about alfresco dining and sharing with others…