It's A Dog's Life - June 2018

It’s A Dog’s Life – June 2018

This month Rolo the Border Terrier embraces alternative healthcare and welcomes in his friend Teddy as a new permanent resident of the home.

Matters of a medical nature have been to the forefront recently. Having spent the winter struggling with my senior arthritis, I’m on some new medication, but this hasn’t stopped ‘Her Indoors’ dabbling in alternative therapies for me. As turmeric tablets are the ‘must have’ herbal remedy of the moment, I get one crushed in my food. So far, all they’ve done is turn my poos a pleasing shade of yellow, but ‘Her Indoors’ is convinced that as they’re expensive they’ve got to be doing me good. I’ve also got a magnetic collar which works on the same principle as the bracelets some people wear. Now I hate to encourage ‘Her Indoors’ as it’s only a short step to ‘eye of newt and toe of frog’, but I do actually think it’s doing some good. The only downside is that if you get too close to the white goods, you risk being secured, like an over- large fridge magnet.

One of the difficulties for pets is that there’s no National Health System. You can, of course, get pet health insurance, and I’ve had this all my life. It’s what has kept me largely healthy. Still, as it is, the premiums go up nicely as I get older, the list of excluded conditions is long, and there’s a maximum spend for any one condition. When ‘Them Indoors’ had the audacity to try and claim a while ago, the insurance only covered about £100 of the bill, and they put my premiums up, so ‘Him Indoors’ was left muttering darkly and staring at an empty wallet. People just don’t realise how lucky they are!

We did have an occasion recently, where the world of people’s medicine overlapped with the canine. Our foster Border Terrier, Teddy, has been staying with us because his owner has been ill in hospital. A few weeks ago, ‘Her Indoors’ received a phone call to say that her condition had deteriorated and she was asking for Teddy. I wanted to go too, but ‘Her Indoors’, for some inexplicable reason, didn’t think this was a good idea. She’s no sense of adventure. Anyway, there was an emotional reunion between dog and owner, with Teddy lying on the bed and giving her a good licking. Unfortunately, she passed away the following morning, but ‘Her Indoors’ will never forget that visit and we would like to give a bark of thanks to all the good people at Maidstone Hospital for their compassion under exceptional circumstances.

Teddy is staying with us for good now, so ‘Her Indoors’ is taking him to our Vet’s for a check-up and to discuss a little operation that is overdue. I keep telling him not to bark at the dog next door, strut along the fence line, spray mark his territory and dig in the garden, but he’s not listening. All I can say is that anytime soon, he’s going to wake up to find a couple of small body parts have gone missing. Still, if he’s anything like me, it won’t slow him down much and he’ll have the consolation of knowing there will be a bill to pay. Healthcare is a marvellous thing!