It's A Dog's Life - March 2019

It’s A Dog’s Life – March 2019

The long winter months brought new creative hobbies in the Rolo household, where they were met with varying degrees of approval.

One of the features of seasons that commonly produce poor weather is that ‘Them Indoors’ divert their attentions to indoor activities such as making things. On the plus side, if they take up new crafts, they tend to seek out specialist classes to upskill them in their chosen art form and this can have unexpected benefits. ‘Him Indoors’ has recently decided to learn drawing, and his teacher happens to do rather lovely pet portraits. He got ‘Her Indoors’ a great oil painting of my apprentice, Teddy, for Christmas, and a second portrait, of yours truly, has been commissioned for her birthday. What nicer thing could they chose to spend their money on?

‘Her Indoors’, on the other hand, has dabbled in stained glass, and when she decided to do a round window for the bathroom, I had high hopes that I would be immortalised, like a deity, gazing down in all my translucent glory on the family ablutions, but in an act of not inconsiderable treachery, she decided to portray swallows skimming the summer fields instead. What’s that all about?

Things improved however, when she did a workshop on needle-felting, and there is a very handsome Border Terrier adorning the bookshelves in the dining room. It took her ages to make so I’m guessing we won’t be seeing the addition of a miniature Teddy any time soon.

When the Juniors were little, ‘Her Indoors’ devoted her creative efforts to making things for them. ‘Junior Him’ reckons that hand-knitted jumpers have given him a life-long aversion to woollies, making him come over all itchy before he’s even put them on. However, now that the younger family members have been suitably scarred for life and have left home to carry their traumas into the wider world, ‘Her Indoors’ has turned her attention to me and Teddy. He has so far escaped with a hand knitted bandana; red with a fetching beige paw print design. Recently however, she thought I could do with a nice jumper. I was a bit doubtful about the effect on my street credibility, but, in fairness, she came up trumps with a fetching little number in brightly coloured stripes. It’s ideal for chilly morning buggy rides, although best avoided in wet weather as it suffers from the sagging problems previously associated with hand-knitted swimwear, for those old enough to remember this affront to humanity.

However, my buggy illustrated how practical skills can be dubiously employed. When we first had it, I kept trying to stage my own exits, and ‘Her Indoors’ had to act swiftly to catch me, which was all good training for her re exes. Anyway, ‘Them Indoors’ combined their efforts to come up with a fiendish securing device so I can’t escape, although it’s probably an infringement of my civil liberties.

Still, now that March is upon us, things will soon be picking up in the garden with attention diverted elsewhere, meaning Teds and I will be safe for a bit. Roll on the good weather!