Driving Sales Home

Driving Sales Home

by Linda Nightingale

Busy house hunting and rejecting those without a garage? Perhaps you should think again.

Did you know that you do not need planning permission for a detached garage if it is for domestic purposes only? There are some restrictions such as size, location and road access but these and others are clearly set out on the Government’s planning web site, but for the majority, a garage is very feasible.

A garage can add value to a property as many buyers have this ticked on their ‘must have’ list. Whilst I would not suggest you set out to build a garagewithout consulting the officialweb site for planning regulations, it is exceedingly encouraging to know that without red tape you can add such an important asset to your home.

The choice is enormous from size to building style, whether you wish to go super modern and streamlined or rustic and pastoral. Doors can open forward, roll up or go up and over. Electric ones can be heaven sent on a wet and windy night.

Barn style timber framed garages are very popular in rural parts of the Home Counties and their construction is relatively quick.

The easiest way is to err on the side of caution and if there appears to be some sort of anomaly with the ground on which you wish to place parking facilities then a quick call to the local Planning Office, can answer your question.

It happened to me once when my husband and I fell in love with a recently constructed house which was set back down a single private lane. On reaching the house we saw immediately to the  right a good-sized space which seemed perfect for a detached double garage, but oddly the builder had not utilised the space. Speaking to a local planning officer the reason was very sensible, but not one that would immediately come to mind. The house was set back from the main highway by a number of metres and the space was left to allow fora fire engine to have a turning circle should the need arise!

Think carefully about location not just within the guidelines but also to ensure it is big enough for the car you are putting in and that there is room to open the doors and get out gracefully bearing in mind all your shopping and probably the kids and grandparents!

If you decide to invest in a garage, try and choose a design which aesthetically complements your house. A good external photo of your property when marketing can be very helpful in securing viewings.

If you are going to construct a garage purely for the purpose of selling your home then ensure that you do not spend more than you can recover on your investment. www.planningni.gov.uk/index/…/advice_ home_garages.htm