Feeling hot? Now you’re not!

Feeling hot? Now you’re not!

by Sofia Akin

Now that it’s getting hotter outside it means one thing… summer is on its way! Nothing better than chilling in the sun in your garden, but if you have places to be and things to do… the heat can be a problem, says Sofia Akin

So, here are 10 ways of coping with the summer heat!

  • 1. Make sure you have a drink with you at all times

Keeping yourself hydrated is probably one of the most important tips to keep you cool this summer. As we sweat in hot weather we lose a significant amount of water from our bodies, so keep it topped up and in turn keep yourself cool. As strange as it sounds, sometimes drinking hot fluids in summer cools you down more as it increases the amount you sweat, and as long as the sweat evaporates off your skin it will cool you down. If you are dripping in sweat however, best to stick to a cold drink.

  • 2. Wear the right clothing 

Loose, light and airy and breathable is the key to summer dressing. It’s also good to know materials such as cotton and linen are best for summer because they don’t make you too hot. Save the wool and cashmere for winter months.

  • 3. Ice Ice baby

When you’re really warm, it’s a good idea to put an ice cube on your pulse points, such as your neck or wrist pulse. If you don’t have access to ice cubes, just run your wrist under a cold tap, or even put a water bottle against it as this is guaranteed to make you feel cooler.

  • 4. Avoid wearing foundation

If you’re comfortable with your skin, don’t wear foundation. You’ll feel so much more comfortable without it when the mercury rises and won’t have to worry about melting make up, clogged pores and feeling sticky. However, if you’re not comfortable going completely bare-faced, wear something lighter such as concealer, bb cream or a tinted moisturiser for more coverage. Of course you should still wear SPF to protect your skin.

  • 5. Bring a fan

Whether it’s a retro wooden fan or a portable electric fan, just bring one. Take a minute or two to fan yourself and it’ll make you feel better. Even if you fan yourself with a folded piece of paper or a magazine from your bag this will help too!

  • 6. Eat light

Most people prefer to keep their meals light in the hot weather – a salad or sandwich are ideal for lunch on the go, and grilled vegetables, meat, fish and tofu make tasty evening meals. If you like to spice your food up, go for it! It will actually keep you cooler as it will make you sweat more. And don’t forget the major perk of hot weather – ice cream!

  • 7. Keep your hair out of your face

You’ll feel much cooler if your hair isn’t constantly sticking to your skin, so why not pin it back? You can stick it in a high ponytail, or French plaits look really cute in summer too. If you don’t want to completely tie your hair back you could put it half up half down, with your front sections pinned back; this is a pretty summery look as well! You can get some nice scrunchies or hair clips to accessorise.

  • 8. Generate a breeze

Open your windows! It’s good to let a cool breeze into your house and circulate the air in summer by opening your windows and doors. Some of us are afraid of insects invading our houses, but if you do it for short intervals, you’ll still get benefits without having a houseful of bugs.

  • 9. Don’t leave home without a hydrating mist

Bringing a hydrating mist with you makes you feel a lot more refreshed throughout the day if you spritz this on whenever you’re feeling a bit hot and sticky. Alternatively, you could just bring a spray bottle of water around with you and spray that on you throughout the day. This is likely to work a little better if you’re not wearing make-up, otherwise it might affect your foundation. Keeping it in the fridge will keep it refreshing as well.

  • 10. Stay smelling fresh

Bring some deodorant or refreshing wipes with you. This will keep you feeling fresh and confident all day long with no pongy pits! A dab of skin-safe scented oil will keep you smelling sweet too.