Festive Hampers For Kids

Festive Hampers For Kids

by Hanna Lindon

Christmas hampers make fabulous gifts for kids and teens – just swap the traditional contents for something a little more exciting…

Think hampers and your mind probably turns to jam, biscuits and liqueurs, but festive goodie boxes can also make exciting gifts for children and teenagers. Packed with small surprises and bursting with possibility, hampers are perfectly calculated to appeal to young minds. You can buy them ready-made for all ages and tastes or get creative and make your own. Here’s our guide to putting together the perfect Christmas hamper.


Nobody is too young to enjoy a hamper. They make ideal presents for newborn babies or expectant mums – and if you’re short on time, there are plenty of companies out there offering complete baby gift boxes with optional personalisation. To build your own baby hamper, combine a selection of keepsakes with a few practical touches.

Toys, blankets, notebooks, socks, booties and bobble hats are all at home in a hamper, alongside bath toys, books, baby shampoo and even nappy cream. For older babies and toddlers, opt for tactile toys that they’ll love unpacking. Blocks, rattles, scrunchy books and anything that plays music will all be popular.


Most older kids will have a passion that you can build a hamper around. Is your little one a sci-fi fanatic or a building bricks obsessive? Are they mad about animated films or sold on cute furry animals? Pick a theme and go with it, planning everything from the packing paper to any sweet treats around your idea. What toys you include will depend on the age and interests of your recipient, but classic small gifts for all ages include drawing materials, moulding clay, mini puzzles, playing cards, key rings, soft toys, books and, of course, sweets. Christmas stocking fillers can double up as hamper gifts as well. Don’t agonise too much over what goes in the hamper – for kids, most of the fun comes in unwrapping each present and guessing what’s inside.


Teenagers can be notoriously picky when it comes to gifts, which is what makes a hamper such a perfect choice. You can fill it with pint-sized goodies that no teen could resist. Pack in plenty of pampering products (razors, shaving gel and aftershave for boys – body cream, face masks and nail varnish for a girl) as well as a few sweet treats. Gift cards for their favourite high street shops, online stores or cinema are always a winner, while fun stationary and jewellery will go down well with girls. Other ideas include photo frames, T-shirts and a driving lessons-themed money box. If you’re short on time, don’t fret – simply pick up a ready-made hamper to take the hassle out of present buying.