Free NHS Health Checks For Men This Movember

Free NHS Health Checks For Men This Movember

Movember, the hairiest month of the year, is almost here and the Mid Sussex Wellbeing team is encouraging local men to use the charity event as a time to take stock of their health. Gender is one of the strongest and most consistent predictors of health and life expectancy. For men, this is not good news because on average men die six years earlier than women.

Each November, men around the world grow moustaches to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health issues. Each moustache acts as a walking billboard for men’s health, giving men a constant reminder of how important it is to take their health and wellbeing seriously. The Movember charity is committed to men living happier, healthier, longer lives; goals that are shared by the Mid Sussex Wellbeing team. To show their support, the Wellbeing team is offering free NHS health checks to men aged 40-74 throughout Movember, helping men in Mid Sussex to get a full picture of their current state of health.

The free NHS health checks take just 20-30, minutes, are run by trained health professionals and can help men get on the right path to a healthy future by spotting potential health problems at an early stage. Everybody who takes part will receive a blood pressure check, a cholesterol measurement, and will have their BMI (Body Mass Index) calculated by measuring height and weight. After the health check there will be an opportunity to discuss the results with a trained Wellbeing Advisor, who will provide personalised advice on how to lower the risk of future problems and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Men who are not eligible for an NHS health check can book a free Wellbeing MOT, a non-medical check that includes everything except the cholesterol and blood pressure test. “When it comes to their health, too many men don’t talk, don’t take action and die too young,” said Councillor Norman Webster, Cabinet Member for Health and Community. “To create a relaxed and informal environment, our free NHS health checks take place away from clinics, so you can feel more comfortable discussing any health and wellbeing concerns you may have. It’s important to act now because many health conditions that affect men in later life can be prevented or managed by identifying the risk and making small lifestyle changes at an early stage. Making an appointment is simple and a check takes less than 30 minutes to complete so there’s no excuse, book in today and take control of your future.”

For more information about the Wellbeing Service and to book an appointment go to or telephone 01444 477191.