Friends of the Devonshire Park Theatre

Friends of the Devonshire Park Theatre

Audio Description Service – now includes musicals!

Catering for those audience members who find themselves at a disadvantage to other theatre goers, the Audio Describers enable those with a visual impairment to still enjoy a fully rounded theatrical experience without missing a single thing. They provide live verbal commentary detailing the visual elements of a production as it unfolds, describing action that is essential to the story and other visual information. In 2018 for the first time the Audio Describers are taking on a new challenge, by describing the Musicals that are coming to the theatre, including;

  • Rat Pack Live from Las Vegas (6 – 10 March)
  • Thoroughly Modern Mille (3 – 7 April) 
  • Hairspray (2 – 7 July)

Following considerable in-house training from an RNIB trained describer, the team of volunteer Describers relay the on-stage action to listeners via headsets; with Supporters in the auditorium ensuring the users of the headsets are comfortable and confident with the technology. The audio description team are a dedicated and close-knit group of volunteers who ensure that it’s possible to see a play even without sight.

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