Get Into The Savings Habit With Boom!

Get Into The Savings Habit With Boom!

Want to get into the savings habit? Thinking about a summer holiday, home improvements or next Christmas? Then there is no better time to open up a savings account with Boom! your local, not for profit Credit Union.

And join the 2 million people in Britain who now trust their finances to their local Credit Union. Save with Boom! local Credit Union.

Want Your Savings to Make a Difference?

Want a safe place for your savings and support your local community? Well you can with Boom! Credit Union. Your savings at Boom! Credit Union make a real difference to local people around you. Your money supports others in West Sussex, those who need a helping hand, in the form of an affordable loan, keeping them out of the clutches of exploitative high interest lenders and loan sharks.

Be part of something different

At Boom! we are committed to providing financial inclusion. We think everyone should have access to regular savings and, for those who need it, a fair and affordable loan. We are not-for-profit too.

Everyone at Boom! Credit Union gets to save – even borrowers. All our borrowers get to save a little alongside their loan repayments. So when the loan is paid back, they get a pot of money, helping them to get into the saving habit and improve their financial well-being.

Investment Opportunities

If you are looking for an opportunity to invest and want to benefit your local community then get in touch today. For more information call our dedicated team on 01903 228496 or email We offer corporate savings accounts and opportunities for ethical investments.

Why Boom! Credit Union?

  • Save up to £60,000 and make a real difference to the local community.
  • Your money is safe – protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, just like with any bank. We are also regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority and Financial Conduct Authority.
  • You can access your savings at anytime.

Give others in West Sussex the opportunity to be free from financial stress and worry save with us today! But don’t take our word for it: David in West Sussex says “I save with Boom! because I want to help others in my local community who are struggling financially – knowing my money is used ethically makes me feel good about saving.”

For further information and other investment opportunities, please contact our savings team at Boom! Credit Union on 01903 228 496, email or visit Boom Savings. Like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.