Good News From Wadhurst At The End Of A Difficult Week

Good News From Wadhurst At The End Of A Difficult Week

by Sandra Walters

I live in Wadhurst East Sussex and yesterday I picked up your February 2020 Sussex Living Magazine and saw your lovely Jammy ❤ Hearts.

I quickly took a snap of the page and sent it to my daughter who lives on an Angora Goat farm in the Karroo in South Africa.

This is a very arid semi desert area which is currently experiencing a devastating 3 year drought.

The farm is an hours drive from the nearest store on mostly hard gravel roads. Not like country life here where we can pop to a store within 10 minutes if supplies are short.

She loved the idea and got to baking immediately to be ready for this morning.

I am very proud to send you the picture of what her Hubby was served in bed first thing this morning. He is a farmer so it was a very early start as always.  Also a picture of one’s she made for neighbours with chocolate and 100’s and 1000’s; neighbours are very important so they will always be included in special events.

Thanks for a lovely magazine.