Health For Mind, Body And Soul

Health For Mind, Body And Soul

by Ruth Lawrence

Do you like to look after all aspects of your health – mind, body and soul? Then look no further than The Mind Gym at Step Up Sussex, a supportive space for the most rounded workout of your life.

If you want to improve your body, you can simply join a gym, follow a tailor made regime and become fitter. But suppose you want to improve your mind as well? You can attend courses and read books, but surely it would be much more straightforward if there was a place to workout mind, body and soul together?

The Mind Gym is a concept created by personal change expert Richard Barker (above, middle). As a qualified NLP practitioner, he understands the need for a space where people can improve their whole being in a supportive, inspirational group. I met Richard, along with personal trainer Mike Adams (above, right), nutritionist Claire Tully (above, left) and last but definitely not least, Richard’s adorable French bulldog, Alphonso.

Richard explained how, over a 10-week rolling programme, participants can work on key aspects of their life within a safe group gathered from their local community. He uses the concept of finding “the single strength you have that can change everything” and applying it to take control of your life. You can work on primary relationships, those with your partner, family and close friends to regain passion, vitality and depth.

Defining a focus or vision is a way of discovering where your desires lie. The Belief Change Day works on uncovering deepseated personal beliefs and discarding or changing those that are no longer relevant or useful. A Wealth Day works out how much money you need to make your dream happen and when or if you would choose to retire. Financial freedom is an important part of the programme and business mentoring is offered alongside money management skills. A health check allows you to focus on weight, nutrition or addictive issues and Claire can implement an action plan to help you to achieve your goals. Mike’s aim is to work on your health; feeling good and looking great, combining cardio and weights to tone your body.

The Mind Gym encourages participants to expand their comfort zone. It takes confidence to take a risk on your dreams but the rewards are more than worth the effort. Although most of the sessions are group based, one-to-one advice is offered and there can be referrals to other organisations if needed.

Step Up Sussex - The Mind GymRichard’s vision for Step Up Sussex is to create positive people who in turn create good communities; what you learn becomes embedded into your everyday life and you develop an ability to carry on successfully. Continued support is also always available – the Mind Gym, situated at Randolphs Farm in beautiful rural surroundings in Hurstpierpoint, is subscription  based and allows participants to join in future sessions if they need to refocus as they evolve. An Open Day on the 1st October from 10-5pm includes free one-to-one coaching and will be followed by a presentation and launch party immediately afterwards from 5-7pm.

The Mind Gym sessions are available on Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings (a 6.30am ‘red eye’ start will be available), beginning on the 1st week in October and repeated every quarter.

Step Up Sussex

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