Heat For Health

Heat For Health

Heat for Health have more sessions scheduled before the scheme comes to an end on March 31st.

Visit www.msopc.org.uk for news of other events as they become available.

Heat for Health can be contacted on 01444  477191 or heat@midsussex.gov.uk – or you can pick up a reply paid card you can fill in to request information and help. These will be available in local GP surgeries, Parish, Town and District Council offices, local libraries and other venues which opt to provide them from week commencing 19 December.

Heat for Health information

  • If you drop in or ring up, you can collect/display
  • Free room card thermometers  – which allow you to see what the temperature is where you sit in the evening and where you sleep. No more arguments between the man and woman of the house about what the temperate of the room really is and advice about what is a healthy temperature and what is too cold or too hot!
  • A West Sussex County Council information booklet Stay Well This Winter which gives lots of helpful hints about creating a warm home giving details of grants and other financial help available to do this and switching tariffs or providers.
  • An NHS booklet in the Stay Well This Winter series which gives information about the link between warmth and health, especially for those living with a long term ill-health condition.  It encourages people to have the flu jab, not to breathe in cold air and not to stay still for too long a period, to name just three things you can do to help yourself.
  • Leaflets and posters and reply paid cards.

Heat For HealthCould the Heat for Health initiative benefit you or your clients/patients/parishioners? 

We love to hear your stories about how the Heat for Health initiative has benefitted you/or those that you work with.  Here are jut a sample of those we have received so far.

One older lady at an MSOPC information roadshow where heat for health was being discussed told us, “my family keep saying my house is too cold. Its not that I can’t afford to pay for my heating, its just I have always grown up in a cold house and had not realised there are potential health risks to doing so. I don’t want to have a heart attack or stroke and will in future be making sure that my home is warm enough.”  

Another older lady, told us she had changed her provider and would save £90 this year. She had been given help to switch her provider at a meeting specially arranged for all residents of her sheltered accommodation, following one resident attending a Heat for Health drop in at a local library.

An older lady saw that Heat for Health were providing information at a nearby GP surgery and attended. After hearing her circumstances, the Heat for Health Community Energy Adviser arranged to visit to view the problem at first hand.

Our last older lady featured in these case-studies, lives in a park home and has benefitted from a Heat for Health grant to have cavity wall insulation provided. She lives with a long term condition and rarely leaves her home, which needs to be warm. She couldn’t believe she could get a grant for the insulation. At the time her application was being considered, no other grant programme provided for energy efficiency measures for park homes. The insulation will mean she can have the heat she needs in order to stay healthy, but her fuel bills will be considerably lower.  The extra money she will have as a result will give her more freedom and independence. This lady was referred to Heat for Health by the NHS Proactive Care Team.