In A Flash

In A Flash

by Sara Whatley

Propel your wedding day into something even more spectacular with a wedding flash mob – Sara Whatley shares her own Grease flash experience.

Is there a way to make your special day even more memorable? Yes indeed there is – with a wedding flash mob! This could be a surprise for the guests, a treat for the happy couple or a memorable present from the bride or groom to each other. You can even rent professional flash mob companies to add that extra sparkle, and they really can provide your wildest dreams; dancing waiters to your favourite song, an opera during the speeches or a circus performance at your canapé reception. Let your imagination run wild!

Started in 2003 in Manhattan, the flash mob quickly took off all over the world as a whacky and entertaining form of public display. Sometimes seemingly pointless, these displays are created by a crowd quickly forming, doing whatever their performance is and then just as quickly dispersing leaving the onlooker a little baffled as to what they just witnessed, and why.

Wedding flash mobs do seem to have a little more direction to them however, given that they are performed for the purposes of entertainment and to make the special day an even happier event. When I was involved in a flash mob at a wedding last year, it certainly seemed to do the trick with the bride and groom enjoying it just as much as the rest of the surprised guests. Not to mention all the performers having a blast too.

A few weeks before the big day a selected number of us received an email with a link to a video teaching us the dance moves to a classic Grease  song. Instructed to learn the moves and with a vague idea of when we would be performing it, we were all under strict instructions not to tell anybody about the surprise.

Feeling confident with my ‘Go grease lightening’ arm sweeps and hip shakes, I was happily sipping a glass of fizz in the gardens with the other guests when suddenly our cue was blasted out over a loud speaker and we all ran to take our places. As it dawned on the happy couple and the rest of the guests what was happening, the looks on their faces were priceless. Some game onlookers even joined in with the fist pumping and belting out the musical classic – it’s a good idea to choose a song or dance routine that people already know then they can join in with the fun!

As the song ended and the cheering died down we all slipped our shoes back on and sloped off, rejoining the party as if nothing had happened.

A wedding flash mob is a great fun thing to be involved with, and a brilliant spectacle to witness as well, making the day even more memorable for everyone involved.