Itchy Fingers This February At Rushfields

Itchy Fingers This February At Rushfields

The beginning of February marks a subtle change in the garden as the earliest flowers dare to poke above the ground and the sepia brown of winter gives way to green buds, yellow catkins and white snowdrops.

It’s a time when gardeners start to get itchy fingers and can’t wait to get started – luckily we’re here with all you need! Pop into the garden centre this week and you’ll find hardy vegetable seeds to sow now, plus delightful pots of bulbs and early spring bedding on the point of flowering so you can fill pots, borders and hanging baskets. Your gardening year starts here!

What To Do, In And Around The Garden This Week

Tidy up bamboo 

Bamboos are super-easy to grow and create a real statement in the garden, their colourful stems swaying gracefully in the slightest breeze. Each spring though they need a little tidying up to make sure they go into summer looking at their best. Thin out the canes at ground level, taking out weedy stems and any growing out of the main clump; then strip away lower leaves to expose the beautiful bark. Finish off by clearing out debris from the base of the canes and giving the whole thing a good mulch with organic matter


  • Plant early-flowering alpines in troughs and sinks
  • Sow hardy annual flowers like nasturtiums, coreopsis and toadflax under cover
  • Prune out ‘reverted’ (plain green) shoots from variegated shrubs

Fruit & vegetables:                 

  • Plant strawberries in grow bags or pots of multipurpose compost
  • Buy in new seed potatoes and chit in eggboxes to bring forward your harvest
  • Cut autumn-fruiting raspberry canes down to ground level


  • Sow bedding annuals such as begonias in modules to avoid root disturbance
  • Clean greenhouse glass on both sides to improve light levels
  • Cover a sheet of cardboard with foil and stand behind seed trays to reflect light

Around the garden:    

  • Check pot grown evergreens and water if necessary
  • In mild, dry spells cut lawns with mower blades set high
  • Keep feeding the birds, avoiding large foods like peanuts while they’re nesting


Address: Rushfields Plant Centre, Henfield Road, Poynings, West Sussex, BN45 7AY