Jan Nawrocki Scales The Heights Of Urology

Jan Nawrocki Scales The Heights Of Urology

Jan Nawrocki, Consultant Urological Surgeon at Nuffield Hospital, has been appointed President Elect of the European Board of Urology.

A keen outdoor sports and mountain lover, local born and bred Jan trained in Medicine, Surgery and Urology, becoming a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1989. He was appointed a Master of Surgery following research into the treatment of benign prostate enlargement and was appointed a Consultant Urological Surgeon at the Princess Royal and Royal Sussex County Hospitals in 1997. Jan also has an MA in clinical education and still remembers the ‘Great Storm’ of 1997 when he was working at Cuckfield Hospital!

“To have the best care for patients, we need the best doctors and the best surgeons,” says Jan. “And our doctors and surgeons need the very best teachers.  The European Board of Urology sets the standard for education and training, setting out a recommended curriculum, assessment and examination standards.  My ambition is to raise even higher the standard of this teaching, giving institutions accreditation and monitoring the expertise of doctors as they progress.”

With his specialism in prostate disease, Jan is aware that men’s health hasn’t had the same profile as women’s health in previous years but is glad to see it’s now more discussed as men become better at talking with family and friends. As he comments: “Most prostate problems are down to benign enlargement and not cancer but, of course, this can become more common as we get older – although it certainly doesn’t mean it’s always dangerous as most prostate cancers grow slowly and cause little or no harm.  But it’s never good to ignore any symptoms if you’re over 50 as symptoms of benign and more serious prostate cancer can be very similar.”

Jan’s Polish Father came to the UK during World War Two and he still enjoys ski-ing and walking in his beloved Polish mountains although he admits his mountaineering days are over. Married, with two children now at university, Jan loves living in Sussex and following sport, especially rugby, although, as he says: “you’re now more likely to find me wondering what to do about box blight rather than doing anything too adventurous!” And his final ambition? “Given the progress made in medicine and surgery in the last 125 years, I’d just love to be around in, say, 50 years’ time to see if we’ve found a way to treat, or cure, 99% of patients without using surgery at all!”

John McMenamin, Nuffield’s Hospital Director, is delighted to hear Jan’s news: “I’m so pleased for Jan that he’s been appointed to such an eminent role. At Nuffield Health we strive be at the forefront of clinical practice; working with Jan allows us to do just that.”