Living Re-Imagined With Pickle Pot Home

Living Re-Imagined With Pickle Pot Home

by Frederick Latty

Richard McGee, co-director of Pickle Pot Home in Forest Row with his wife Lesley, tell us how their interior store blends the old with the new for homeware with a difference.

Sussex homemakers have an exciting new range of interiors to explore at Pickle Pot Home in Forest Row. Based in London Road’s Blenheim Studio, the homeware emporium is the latest venture from husband-and-wife team Richard McGee and Lesley Cornwall, who, after a hugely successful first year at their Fletching flagship store, Pickle Pot Kids, have now branched out to decoration and furnishings.

“We wanted to show off our design skills and creativity through homeware, which has always been a passion for both of us,” says Richard. “Our own home is a little bit eclectic and mixes contemporary with traditional, and I also design and make furniture and products that are unique.”

Now, his and Lesley’s dream has come true, as, together with Lesley’s mother Anita, they set about making the space at Blenheim their own, capturing their very own brand of ‘living, re-imagined’.

“We’re looking to introduce different materials to create looks that perhaps people haven’t seen before,” Richard continues. “It’s very difficult to define our style, as we mix a bit of the old with the new, and we’re not afraid to try some different things and be a little bold.”

The items on offer at Pickle Pot Home draw inspiration from a broad spectrum of influences all around the world. “We want to have a diverse range, from Scandinavian and Spanish, through to a bit of Italian, as well as products from Sydney and New Zealand,” explains Richard. “We tend to have a mix that’s accessible to everybody, and we’re going to start looking further afield at some slightly different countries to source from.”

And while it’s still early days, the future is very bright for this partnership’s latest business; a whole host of living and dining decor, lighting, gifts and even an artificial flower service. Lesley sources material flowers and plants from Paris for pot or vase arrangements and hessian tied bouquets. “We can do wedding flowers and bespoke displays – any colour and flower is available!” says Lesley. “They are so lifelike customers can’t believe they aren’t fresh flowers. Even the large Olive plant we have in store looks amazing.

“We want to get this facility really established so that it becomes an experience for people,” Richard concludes. “Our pricing is very fair, and we provide that little ‘je ne sais quoi’, without having to spend a fortune.


Address: Blenheim Studio, London Road, Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5EZ

Telephone: 01342 822151

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