Made To Cherish At Penny Farthing Jewellers

Made To Cherish At Penny Farthing Jewellers

by Sara Whatley

Dare to be different in the unique collection of jewellery at Penny Farthing Jewellers, where passion, pride and service are second to none.

Nestled in an historic row of Tudor buildings on East Grinstead High Street, Penny Farthing Jewellers is a charming family run business dealing in simply beautiful jewellery.

Penny Farthing JewellersHaving trained in Kent and London, and with 40 years experience, owner Steve Rogers is somewhat of an expert on the subject. In fact, he has just been selected as one of the top 100 Inspiring Independents in the UK and Ireland by Retail Jeweller and partner the Company of Master Jewellers. During his career Steve has covered all aspects of the job, from grafting at the workbench for eight years, to running shops and workshops in Mayfair as well as many years of wholesale experience travelling around the globe for one of the world’s largest pearl companies.

Once family came along Steve decided to settle down. In 2005 he bought Penny Farthing Jewellers and turned it into the high-end, bespoke and exquisite jewellery shop it is today. The worldwide connections he had in wholesale and jewellery design opened up doors for the business, and Steve could source and stock the finest jewels of his choice from around the world.

Penny Farthing JewellersAlong with some classic names and designs, the kind of jewellery you will find at Penny Farthing is unique. “I never wanted to be the same as anybody else,” Steve explained, which is why he makes eye-catching, one-off pieces for the window. Steve designs much of the jewellery himself, and showed me his latest collection in progress. “I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw these stones at a trade fair in Hong Kong recently,” he said as he revealed little boxes of delicately hued lavender spinel, mandarin garnet and mint grossular garnet. Set in gold or platinum, the two materials Steve favours, I could tell it would be a stunning, unusual collection of lasting value – that is another feature here; everything is extremely high quality.

Penny Farthing also specialise in designing, redesigning and restoring jewellery and watches for their loyal customer base. With his design and workbench experience, Steve knows exactly what can and can’t be done, and can talk to the customer about the specifications for the job rather than just sending it away to the workshop.

This level of customer service is just one of the reasons why Penny Farthing Jewellers is unique, and is a very prominent aspect of the business. “I’m actually going to the wedding of one of our customers soon,” Steve told me, and explained how the bride’s parents have been coming into his shop for years, how he designed the couple’s engagement and wedding rings, as well as them buying the bridal party gifts, all of which are beautifully presented and gift wrapped. “It’s a great trade to be in,” Steve smiled. Jewellery is an emotional thing, and at Penny Farthing they understand that; “It is a special moment buying jewellery, and we are all about making it even more special.”

Penny Farthing JewellersPenny Farthing Jewellers

Address: 28 High Street, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 3AS 01342 323331