Mediterranean Café at Pots and Pithoi

Mediterranean Café at Pots and Pithoi

Cretan inspired lunches are now being served in the expanded café at Pots and Pithoi.  The dining area within the medieval Barn has been enlarged and Mediterranean style outdoor seating is available in the courtyard. Cretan food is simple and unpretentious but the flavours come from skilled preparation and the freshness of the ingredients. Organic vegetables, good quality olive oil, fresh herbs and spices are essential. The new menu will include savoury pies made with crumbly and filo pastry,  fresh soups and salads.

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Owner, Tara Bowles explains, “The new menu is inspired by my visits to our Cretan potters and their great hospitality. Our customers come from all over the country and make their visit a full day out. We wanted to offer them a more substantial menu as well as entice the locals with a Mediterranean alternative for lunch.” The café is open between 10:00 and 4:00.


Pots and Pithoi,

Turners Hill, West Sussex RH10 4QQ

01342 714793