ODT, The Perfect Partner

ODT, The Perfect Partner

ODT Solicitors welcome Margaret Dundas to their Hurstpierpoint office, where she is looking forward to offering you their range of legal services with a high level of customer care.

Spring has arrived, as I did at ODT in the Hurstpierpoint office, at the beginning of April. It is good to be back in a more village like atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of our Brighton and Hove office.

Residential Conveyancing is something which many people do come across at some point in their lives, whether it is buying their first home, moving to a bigger family home, or having to deal with the sale of the family home when a parent dies. There is a minefield of paperwork which may not make much sense to a layperson, but which a professional can decipher to ensure that a client (and the lender where appropriate) is protected.

It is often said that buying and selling a house is one of the most stressful things in life and yes, this can be the case when you are dealing with different personalities and different expectations from all parties concerned, exacerbated by the legal jargon which seems to materialise throughout the transaction be it “rights of access”, “restrictive covenants” or “indemnity insurance” all of which can cause panic! This is where you need an approachable legal representative with whom you can discuss issues calmly without feeling you are taking up “too much” of their time. ‘Client care’ is a keen principle of the ODT ethos; treating each client with equal importance and giving time as required to ensure that each client is taken through the process as smoothly as possible and with as little stress as possible.

Residential Conveyancing does not just cover the buying and selling of houses and flats – it includes transfer of equity (sometimes when there is a matrimonial issue, then as part of the divorce proceedings there may be a requirement to transfer the property from joint names to the sole name of one of the parties); re-mortgaging (the changing of lenders which often occurs when a fixed interest period expires on a mortgage and the borrower can achieve a keener rate of interest with a new lender); granting or surrendering a lease; splitting a property into two or more titles or the voluntary registration of unregistered land.

There are many instances in property law, where you may need advice – be it a boundary dispute, a landlord and tenant issue, a party wall matter, adverse possession, leasehold enfranchisement – all of which can be dealt with by experienced members of the ODT team at competitive and fair rates having regard to the service being provided, with everything being clearly defined at the outset.

There are so many things to consider when buying and selling property, including the completion of all the ‘standard’ forms, dealing with issues as and when they arise, or even the more practical side of packing and removals and trying to obtain a place for your child(ren) in the new school. Consideration should also be given to other aspectsof your life such as:

• Wills  – these deal with the distribution of your property (not just your house) and other properties on your death, and can determine who looks after your children and their welfare should you die prior to their reaching adulthood.

• Declarations of Trust – these deal with how a property is held by two or more people – either as joint tenants (this is where the parties own the property equally and automatically falls to the survivor should one party die); or as tenants in common (this is where the property is owned in specified shares and goes generally as per your Will). Often, when people are unmarried, it is advisable to put a Declaration of Trust in place as it can record how much capital or payment of outgoings each party is putting into the property, and clarify how the property proceeds are dealt with after all costs and disbursements have been cleared if the relationship breaks down. It should also be used by parents who are contributing substantial amounts to house purchases for their children to ensure that the monies are protected for the future.

• Tax and Financial Planning  – this is dealing with your financial assets be it your house or other assets and how best to deal with planning for retirement and what you wish to achieve. ODT Financial Services provides independent financial advice, and offers an initial consultation without charge to all our clients to consider whether any tax or other financial issues may arise, and any individual’s requirements. Arising out of this, you may be advised to consider an amendment to your Will, or to transfer an asset to another party or into a trust, or to put in place a Declaration of Trust to ensure that your assets are protected for the next generation.

With the election now over, it is hoped that the property market will stabilise, giving more confidence to both buyers and sellers to take the plunge. In turn, it is hoped that lending restrictions will continue to ease, making it more affordable, in particular, for first time buyers.

ODT offers a friendly, approachable service to all its clients, backed up by an advanced case management system streamlining the legal process, assisting clients in their busy lives. Having offices in Brighton, Hurstpierpoint and Haywards Heath gives a choice for clients, and allows easy access to legal services for clients based between Brighton and Mid-Sussex and even further afield!

I certainly look forward to a busy time at ODT and hope that clients will find I deal with their residential conveyancing both promptly and efficiently for many years to come!

ODT SignServices that we offer are:

  • Residential and Commercial Property
  • Leasehold Enfranchisement (lease extensions / rights to manage etc)
  • Wills and Probate
  • Civil Litigation
  • Debt Recovery
  • Business & Company Law
  • Tax and Financial Planning

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