Pamper Me Perfect

Pamper Me Perfect

by Sara Whatley

Need a holiday without actually going on holiday? Have a pamper day instead! Sara Whatley is all for it.

Are you feeling frazzled? Scarecrow hair, blotchy skin, scrappy nails? Don’t worry it happens to the best of us, particularly at this time of year with hot weather and school holiday! A two-week jaunt to a tropical island would be ideal, but failing that a good old fashioned pamper day can do wonders for the body, and soul.

There are some fabulous spas, beauty salons and health clubs in Sussex where you can melt away your stresses and strains in luxurious settings. Since hitting a certain age, and having a baby (read “clearly looking a little worn around the edges”) I have received beauty vouchers for birthdays – and it’s bloomin’ marvellous. I am a total pamper convert! There is little nicer than whiling away an hour or two tucked under a towel while skilled hands lavish wonder products on your skin and wobble your face like a plate full of jelly until you’re so relaxed you forget your own name. I float out of beauty treatments with glowing skin and a serene look upon my face which lasts well into the week beyond. At least, I feel like it does anyway.

Pamper days don’t have to be full blown affairs however; have a pamper hour or even 10 minutes instead – anything you’ve got time for really. A face mask in the bath is a favourite of mine (cheeky glass of wine balanced on the side optional of course) and there are masks available for pretty much any skin type. Go one step further and treat yourself to a quick DIY facial: cleanse our skin well, then steam your face either over a bowl or in the shower or bath. All your pores will now be open which is the perfect time to exfoliate and do a peel to rid yourself of all the nasty build ups and dead skin cells. Then pop a mask on and relax while it works its magic. Lastly, feed your skin using a serum and moisturiser. It’s good to do this a couple of hours before you go to bed as this allows the products time to absorb properly and not rub off on your pillow.

Face sorted, now lets take a quick look at hair. What is your hair scenario? Dry? Fly-away? Need a growth boost? There are hair masks and oils out there to cover every hair dilemma, from deeply moisturising leave in treatments to lighter pre- shampoo products.

A surprising array of kitchen cupboard ingredients can do wonders for your tresses as well, from extra virgin olive oil to eggs, honey and even apple cider vinegar. Do a little research and see which one would suit you.

Finish off your pamper session with a foot massage and a slick of nail varnish and you will be feeling relaxed and ready to go. Who needs a holiday, eh?