Prenuptial Celebrations

Prenuptial Celebrations

by Sasha Kanal

If you have an upcoming wedding booked, your thoughts may have turned to planning the hen and stag activities. If so, Sasha Kanal provides us with a guide to pre-wedding do’s with a difference.

Stag and hen do’s come in all flavours and in all shapes and sizes. Like life, there is something for everyone and this of course is a good thing. However, rampaging around a city centre with matching t-shirts and fake halos is not everyone’s idea of fun. If you’re getting married this year and are thinking of celebrating with your girlfriends or mates, or you’re a best man or woman with a job to do – then there are so many amazing options out there to celebrate in style and not a beer stain in sight! Read on for some of the best ways to celebrate any impending nuptials in 2019.

Over the last 20 years, stag and hen celebrations have been ramped up to extraordinary levels here in the UK. What used to be a night out at the pub with friends is now anything from a weekend in Las Vegas to a week in Spain with pricey activities galore. Whilst these kind of extravagant set pieces are great if everyone can afford them, there has also been somewhat of a backlash against this kind of expense. Millennials are savvy to overspending and also don’t drink as much as previous generations, so companies have had to up their game and cater to this.

Spa days are a brilliant way to please everyone – after all, who doesn’t want to sit back and be pampered or lounge by a pool all afternoon? There are so many special offers and spa days available at the many luxe Sussex hotels around. Some are themed and involve yoga, meditation or walking in our beautiful countryside.

Beauty salons have got wise to the fact that many women enjoy being pampered en masse – after all, it adds to the fun element and camaraderie. The idea is to get a manicure or pedicure done while you chat with your girlfriends over a glass of champagne or a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Easy.

If you are into something more active and outdoorsy, then Sussex is the perfect location to pursue this! There are go-karting companies aplenty that offer fun afternoons of racing with your friends around a track. Prepare to get competitive! You can go hot air ballooning – especially wonderful in the summer during the long evenings. Make like the lady or lord of the manor and organise some clay pigeon shooting – a wonderful way to try something new and be sociable into the bargain.

Continuing along the country theme, horse riding is a wonderful way to get out into nature and the plethora of riding schools and stables in Sussex means you will be spoilt for choice. Go to the races! Specific race days at a Sussex race course offers a great opportunity to get dressed up and place you bets! Going for a city break in one of Sussex’s or the UK’s many picturesque towns and cities will offer you culture, nightlife and exploration aplenty. Throw in a fun walking tour and you’ll learn all about the place you are staying in.

If the weather is not on your side and your group fancies something inside then the options are endless. A specific dance lesson – salsa, belly dancing or flamenco – there are numerous one-off offerings out there for hens and stags. Want to come away with something to show for your time away? Then choose crafty sessions such as pottery, art classes or a session in cocktail or pasta making. Go online for a good search and you will find plenty to interest you and your party.

Finally as sustainability and a more mindful approach to our lives continues to trend and stay, then why not do something fun as a group for your community or those in need before going o to let your hair down and celebrate? Do your research and investigate undertaking something charitable such as painting a school for a morning or helping at an animal sanctuary. Then, off you go to party!