Primed And Ready

Primed And Ready

by Sara Whatley

Primer can make or break makeup. Get on board with this hidden gem and turn your look from zero to hero in one fell swoop, as Sara Whatley found out

Primer? Pah! Who needs to add yet another bottle to the makeup bag? And yet more time to an already rushed morning routine? Not me, I thought, I’m fine without. In fact, I thought I was better without – less products on my skin, a cleaner fresher look, surely?

Wrong! Oh how wrong I was. But never fear, all was not lost. I discovered primer and it rocked my makeup world.

I used to go straight from moisturiser to foundation and for a while I dabbled in BB creams, but then when I got married and undertook the task of doing my own makeup (crazy? Yes, but I learned a lot) I did lots of tuitions and tests and my eyes were opened to the wonder of primer. No more creases or cracks, a smooth
even coverage and dare I say it, even an amateur like me could make my makeup look half decent.

Essentially, primer is a base coat – akin to plastering a wall before painting it – which smooths out the appearance of lines, fills in open pores and helps the rest of your makeup last longer and work harder. It’s amazing how a little thing can change so much; like a well pencilled eyebrow can lift an entire face, primer can transform a look without ever actually being seen. It is the behind the scenes star of the makeup palette.

The world of primers is fast growing with way more than just your basic face primer on the market nowadays. There are primers for eyes, lashes, lips, nails and even hair, all working hard to improve the look and lasting power of what you put on top of them. They are becoming more specialised as well, with properties of anti-aging, super hydration, blemish and dark spot correction and SPF all on offer.

Let’s not mention the whole host of other in-between lotions and potions on offer – smoothing creams, tinted moisturisers and lightening creams to name a few. Personally, I still like to keep it as simple as I can, but make sure I use the best products I can. Investing in a quality moisturiser, primer and foundation makes my makeup routine less Jackson Pollock and more Mona Lisa (just got to work on the smile now).