Quest Guardians - Taking Care Of International Students As A Host Family

Quest Guardians – Taking Care Of International Students As A Host Family

Education has become a massive export, with overseas parents, in particular those from Asia, sending their children to UK private boarding schools for language benefit and to assist entry to UK universities. Whilst school staff will look after the student during the term, there are times such as during Half Term or over occasional Exeat weekends, when the student needs alternative accommodation, such as staying with a Host Family. Quest Guardians host families range from a couple or single parent with young children, to older retired couples with grown up children living away from home. All have a kind and caring disposition towards children from overseas, offering a “home from home” welcome and many of them find the cultural exchange a richly rewarding experience.

Quest recruits, inspects and accredits host families across the country; students stay with them on a full board basis for school breaks, often returning to the same host family for several years. Students are expected to respect their host family’s home and way of life in return for being accepted as a family member. Hosting Quest students with our generous rate of pay is also a useful source of income for a family who have a spare room, or whose children have left home. The student room normally has a desk, table lamp, storage and unlimited WiFi access and all our host families are given clear guidance and written guidelines on looking after our students and can refer any queries on to a member of the Quest team 24/7 if extra support is required. Hosts undertake to protect and care for the students in their charge, but guardianship responsibility of the student remains with Quest Guardians during a Host Family stay and at all times they are in the UK.

Quest Guardians is a leading family owned and run guardianship agency offering support to students at over 200 schools around the UK. Although Quest are based in Dorset, we are actively seeking more host families to join the existing team in Sussex.

If you are interested, please ring or email Andrea on 01202 882299 or or apply online at