Reasons Why Buying A Used Car Is A Good Idea

Reasons Why Buying A Used Car Is A Good Idea

When you are in the market for a new vehicle to replace your current one, it is often tempting to turn to local dealerships in your area. They have some great promotions and financing offers that make their brand new cars seem very attractive. However, you should think hard before purchasing a brand new car. Even leasing one can have its downsides as many drivers find out when they return them to the lessor.

Instead, you should weigh up the merits of buying a second-hand car. What is it about the used car market that makes it so attractive these days?

High-Quality Vehicles

There are some old bangers out there which you will obviously want to avoid when checking out the second-hand car market. Most of these are fairly easy to spot, either because the mileage is high, there is something up with the bodywork or the interior has aged badly. That said, most second-hand cars on the market today are in a perfectly driveable condition.

In fact, since car manufacturers now make their vehicles to last longer than they used to, now is probably the best time ever to invest in a used car. Even cars which have been driven around urban centres of population close to the sea, such as Brighton, Liverpool or Sunderland, tend to be in great condition. Salty sea spray and local pollution are seen off by
ever more sophisticated paint systems to ensure a long life for most cars today. In other words, unless you are looking to buy a car that is older than, say, 10 years, you are likely to find a winner.

The Right Environmental Choice

Few of us do not consider the environment at all when we make purchases. From the carbon footprint of foodstuffs to the way we buy our energy, there are many environmental factors to take into consideration as a consumer. For car owners, the decision is quite simple: do you put yet another brand new car on the road or do you effectively recycle one so that it gains a new lease of life?

Remember that if no one at all bought used vehicles that the car manufacturing industry’s carbon footprint would soar. Buying second-hand is really doing your bit for the planet. There are plenty of energy-efficient used cars out there, after all.

Save Money

Many people realise that buying a new car rather than a second-hand one means they will lose a great deal of money. Of course, all cars depreciate over time which means their residual value will tend to fall as more miles are driven. However, the steepest downward trajectory of any car depreciation occurs between when it is unregistered and when it goes on the DVLA’s books with its first owner.

In other words, just driving a new model out of a dealership can cost you thousands. With a second-hand car you won’t face this dramatic value loss. In addition, used cars are simply cheaper than their brand new counterparts. This means being able to keep cash in the bank or the ability to buy a more prestigious or sportier model than you could otherwise afford. If you live in or around Brighton then KAP Motors is a reliable used car dealer that you could check out. They offer a wide choice of second hand cars at their Brighton Centre. You can grab your pick of used Nissan Micra or any other make or model at affordable price today!

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