Ryan Smith, Personal Trainer At Isenhurst Health Clubs

Ryan Smith, Personal Trainer At Isenhurst Health Clubs

Top Five Tips To A Fit And Healthy 2019

  1. SLEEP – Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Recovering from training and stressors that have come your way throughout the day is vital to keeping you in tip-top shape. It has been shown that those who don’t get adequate sleep, can actually have a higher risk of injury and an increase in calorie consumption.
  2. EAT TO WIN – Whether it be weight loss or to gain muscle, protein is an important part of the process. Ensuring we eat adequate protein will ensure we lose as little muscle as possible when losing weight, keeping our metabolism as fast as possible, as well as providing our bodies with the building blocks to build muscle and create the physique you want. Aiming for 1g per lb of bodyweight will ensure you are eating enough to reap the rewards.
  3. STAY ACTIVE – Focus on your NEAT i.e. NON EXERCISE ACTIVITY THERMOGENESIS. Basically how many calories you burn through daily movements, from walking, doing household chores, running round after the kids etc. Aiming for 8-10k steps per day. This ensures you staying active and not sitting for long periods of time, burning as many calories as possible throughout the day without much hassle at all.
  4. MAKE IT FUN – The reason many of our fitness endeavours seem to fail is because they simply aren’t fun. Enjoying exercise is so key to sustainable fitness. Try out different forms of exercise to establish what suits you. Motivation to fitness is key and if you want to exercise then that is half the battle done. Maybe group fitness is more your thing, so check out classes at your local gym as well as outdoor sports and fitness clubs and classes local to your area.
  5. FOCUS ON THE PROCESS – If we focus on the BIG goal ahead, it can be daunting. It could even put us off starting. Finding smaller goals along the way will keep you SUPER motivated, giving you wins that eventually lead to your end goal. Want to run 10k? Just focus on running 1k at first, then each extra 1k you run is another win. Want to drop two stone? Maybe set a goal of losing 1kg at a time. Having smaller wins along the way will be more motivational than having that daunting BIG goal to aim for.

Make 2019 Your Year For Health And Fitness.

Throughout January, Isenhurst Health Clubs will be offering 20% off three months membership to members who introduce a friend to any of its three health clubs. New friends introduced will receive 20% off three months membership also.

For more information, please visit www.isenhurst.co.uk.