Sale Safe

Sale Safe

by Sara Whatley

Be a fail-safe sale buster this January and hit the shops without breaking your stride, or your bank balance. Sara Whatley has some helpful tips and tricks up her sleeve

January sales can be overwhelming at the best of times. At the worst they can be panic inducing unholy experiences. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Go in prepared and calm and you should hopefully come away with proper bargains that you actually want, not just tempting tat.

Have a good think before you hit the high street. What is it you really need? Do your research before you go and even make a list. This will help you stay calm and focused and hopefully make the experience an enjoyable one.

Try to use the sales to your advantage and invest in things you otherwise really couldn’t afford. Fast fashions come and go at the drop of a hat but key pieces, wardrobe staples if you will, are worth investing in and if you can get them in the sales even better.

Sounds a little over organised but think ahead to next year; will you need a new coat by then? Boots or shoes? Or even Christmas presents! If you can’t think that far ahead you could get a head start with just buying gift wrap, ribbons and cards. Just remember you bought it already when next year rolls around!

If you can shop early or late in the day as you are more likely to find ordered rails and space to browse, avoid the peak rush at all costs. And don’t forget to dress the part. Ramped up heating and lots of people can make sale shopping a sweaty experience, so help yourself by keeping layers, hats and scarves to a minimum. You will really appreciate a simple, easy and comfortable outfit.

January sales are more than just the fashion shops. What was your New Year’s resolution? Perhaps you could use the sales to get started with that, buying new sports gear and equipment, or discounted flights if you plan to do more travelling. Stock up on arts and crafts materials if you want to tap into your creative side this year or look to educational or self-improvement courses to bring a challenge to your year ahead.

And what about your electronic health and beauty gizmos – new electric toothbrush? Hair remover? Hairdryer or straightener? Now is the time to replace tired models, even if you keep them boxed up until you really need them. There is nothing wrong with being prepared.

After the busy Christmas period why not treat yourself with something just for you. Beauty salons and spas often have January sales, where you could wash away the January blues with a spa day, brighten your mood with a sparkling manicure or let go of the previous year with a smart new haircut.

Finally, make sure you can return items, just in case you get a moment of regret following the splurge, and try to stay mindful of only purchasing what you truly want or need; your conscience, and bank balance will thank you for it.