‘Sing For Your Heart’ This Christmas For National Charity Heart Research UK

‘Sing For Your Heart’ This Christmas For National Charity Heart Research UK

Heart Research UK are calling on choirs, schools, bands, singers and pubs up and down the country to support their Sing for Your Heart campaign this winter.

Research has shown that singing reduces stress, exercises your lungs and increases blood flow. That’s why, for over a decade, Heart Research UK have asked people to Sing for Your Heart during the festive period and raise money to take on heart disease.

Among those supporting Sing for Your Heart is Harrogate woman Kerry Morrison whose daughter Lynda received a donated heart 24 years ago. Kerry has been organising Sing for Your Heart events in her hometown of Harrogate with the St Mark’s Church Choir for a number of years. She said:  “At seven years old Lynda received a last minute, life-saving heart transplant as a virus had left her suffering from cardiomyopathy. There was no assurance of longevity after receiving a donor heart, but during these 24 years we have seen wonderful progress in this field of treatment.  The singing is a way of us raising awareness and helping others like Lynda through Heart Research UK,” added Kerry.

Barbara Harpham, Chief Executive of Heart Research UK, said the charity was calling on people to put on their own performances in the run up to Christmas. “Everyone can Sing for their Hearts, whether you’re in a band, choir or just partial to a bit of karaoke,” she said. “It’s the perfect excuse to get together with friends, family and colleagues to have fun and raise money for Heart Research UK particularly in the run up to Christmas when everyone is feeling festive.”

It’s so easy to get involved.

  • If you’re a choir, you could book a venue or sing in your local supermarket and donate a percentage of the tickets sales or pass around a collection bucket to raise money to Heart Research UK
  • If you’re a school you could turn your annual nativity play into a Sing for your Heart event and ask parents to make a donation or sell tickets
  • If you’re an individual who loves singing or in a band, why not put on a gig and donate a percentage of the proceeds
  • If you work at a pub or you’re a regular at your local, advertise to host a sing-a-long and get everyone in your area together during Christmas week to sing festive songs and pass round a collection bucket. You could host it in the pub or all wrapped up on the village green.

To find out more and sign up go to: www.singforyourheart.org.uk

You can also follow Heart Research UK on our website: www.heartresearch.org.uk; or social media @heartresearchuk